Perception of Time Passing  - A 14-hour day

Perception of Time Passing - A 14-hour day

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Perception of time passing

A 14-hour day

Berenice de Lara  *


The subject of the passing of time has been much discussed and some more light was shed on the subject in an article by the theologian Leonardo Boff published on March 05, 2004, in Jornal do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.

He wrote that the electromagnetic field on Earth between the ground and the first layer of the ionosphere, about a hundred kilometers above us, has a pulsation of 7.83 hertz a second. Or rather, used to have.

The German physicist W. O. Schumann, who led the research on the phenomenon later named for him as the "Schumann Resonance" in 1952, found that the "pulsation" of the Earth was parallel to the frequency of the human brain and vertebrates in general, which were also pulsating at 7.83 hertz at that time.

This harmonic frequency generates a naturally healthy condition, but if there is a discrepancy between the Earth's pulsation and that of the human brain, we would no longer be in a state of ecological equilibrium. Astronauts got sick when they were no longer subjected to this resonance and recovered their health under influence of a Schumann Resonance simulator.

Around the 1980s, when whales were starting to be beached, and migratory birds were losing their bearings, there were major disturbances in the climate and among people too. Among other aspects, it was found that the Earth’s frequency of pulsation had changed from 7.83 to 11 hertz per second, while human and vertebrate brains continued pulsing at the same original 7.83 it had kept to for thousands of years.

In the 1990s, it was found that the Earth was by then pulsating at around 13 hertz. However, man was still at 7.83.

Taking into account that some 15 years have now gone by, I calculate that the pulsation of the Earth must now be about 16 to 17 hertz. So what can we do to get back again in tune with our planet?

Due to this accelerated heartbeat of the Earth, the day as we now perceive it has about 14 to 12 hours, instead of 24 hours. It is no wonder that we feel tired, out of step with our interior pace of life and perhaps also due to this dissonance, I wonder whether our memory may be being affected.

 I have therefore been developing exercises specifically to promote alignment of the perception of time between Man and Earth, so that equilibrium can be reached faster.

A quite simple but very effective exercise may be used by therapists in their practices. Fixation of this condition is obtained by the use of the formula of essences of Florais de Lara-Dharma - F-16 - Time Alignment crystals, directly from stock solution. Dilute 7 drops of F-16 Time Alignment in some water and drink it.

 Do this in the morning, afternoon and before bedtime, until you finish the 10-ml phial. The first time you align, you may not feel comfortable with the suggested frequency of 16 hertz - if so proceed by stages.

Stay on the frequency with which you feel good, taking the F-16 Time Alignment essence while on this frequency. On finishing the phial, repeat the exercise, raising the frequency a little higher, until you get as near to 16 as possible, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Set the new pattern for the body by taking 7 drops of the stock solution three times a day again. Proceed in the same way until you feel that your inner speed is again in harmony with that of the Earth.

The exercise may also be done as a group, which will occasionally meet again to make sure that everybody has managed to raise their pace of pulsation and do so comfortably.

I have used this method with large groups, in one instance in Recife-PE, Brazil,  in 2006, during a natural product fair; I have been doing it in smaller groups, and in courses on Florais de Lara-Dharma crystal essences and even individually in the clinic, and have always gotten excellent results reported by those who subsequently contacted me to talk about their experience. See the F-16 Time Aligment Exercise in this site.



Autor: Berenice de Lara   
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Publicado em 20/07/2015

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