F-16 Time Alignment Exercise

F-16 Time Alignment Exercise

Autor Berenice de Lara - floraisdelara@floraisdelara.com.br


F-16 - Time Alignment Exercise


Do not impose this exercise on anybody. The person has to be really interested in doing it for themselves. Ask them if they feel that time seems to be passing faster. If they feel that memory is failing on big or small things, with no explanation. Ask them if they would like to modify this condition in a natural manner, to enjoy more well being.
            Having answered affirmatively, the person is ready to experience the creative visualization exercise.         

Ask for people who will be doing the time alignment to sit comfortably without crossing their legs or arms, to let energy flow freely. If you wish, put some low-volume meditation music on in the background, light some incense; finally try to create a welcoming atmosphere, because this is a very pleasant experience.

             Then start relaxation with your client, and start reading the script slowly, in a quiet voice.


F-16 - Time Alignment Relaxation Script

                                                          Berenice de Lara


And now that you are here,

getting ready to make contact with yourself,

with your subconscious mind...

you may breathe easily and quietly,

while your conscious mind relaxes

and hands over command to your unconscious mind,

which knows of things that you do not even know you know …

but you do know these things –

and this may help with this time alignment exercise…

Nevertheless, you are always the one who is in control.

Meanwhile, relax.

Perhaps you can focus on sensations flowing

through your right hand to communicate with your left hand.

Perhaps feel warm, or cold, I don't know...

Because... each person has their own special way of relaxing more deeply,

And that is the right way, in any case ...

And you can hear my voice… (pause)

You can feel your body on the sofa (chair, ground, cushions...)(pause)

you can breathe calmly while listening to me and

you can go into a trance now, deeply and in a most relaxing way...

And on my word, your state of relaxation may become even deeper

until you reach the ideal point for what we are going to do,

doing as so many people before have done successfully.

When they see themselves in a pleasant place, close to nature,

As in a dream…

Perhaps a beach or a green field,

a place with flowers, water, crystals, stones... I don't know.

But you know where you would like to be standing

and feeling happy for being there.

Sunbeams flicker and warm your skin smoothly

and people may feel very good…

Now everybody has somebody they trust…

or a guardian angel, or a mentor,

to help them do their time realignment.

They come and take up position as protection for your back...

And on your head… on your neck…  is a digital watch

showing the number 7.83 (seven point eighty-three)

in shiny blue light.

Now, gently and sensitively,

this being that you trust is going to speed up your brain frequency

 from 7.83 waves hertz to a number of your choice,

between 8 and 16.

This happens as the digital clock on your head starts showing the change

from seven point eighty-three to eight,

 perhaps eight point twenty-four, nine...

Gradually, one by one or moving directly to a higher number,

 you are realizing that it feels comfortable.

When your internal clock shows a number between 8 and 16

 with which you feel very comfortable,

your protector will seal your new frequency.

He (or she)  places his (or her) hands on your head

and bluish silver flashes are emitted setting your brain frequency

at this new number you have chosen.

If you do not reach 16 because it is not yet comfortable for you,

 it is all right.

And deep inside you know that

At any time, you can repeat this experience,

asking your protector to adjust your inner clock to another number nearer to 16. If you by chance chose 16 the first time

and later felt that you should have made the change more gradually,

you may  just repeat the experience,

and set your frequency in hertz waves at a lower number,

then gradually raise it.

Later in the day, whenever you feel that for any reason

 time is passing too fast or you feel anxious about not getting your jobs done,

Perhaps you may remember to "see" the new frequency number on your neck, thus reinforcing this new pulsation pattern in hertz waves per second.

Thank your protector for helping in this process

of speeding up your internal time,

 profoundly harmonizing your body with the Earth.

 Breathe pure air in the place where you are and turn your face to the sun…

 When I count to three you can turn around, and open your eyes...

Just like coming back from a nice dream…

After this adjustment, take your Florais de Lara crystal essence formula for Time Alignment, so that the new pattern is set in a very gentle way...

Welcome to peace and light on your new frequency,

in tune with the call of the spiritual plane for the evolution of planet Earth!

Berenice de Lara, Psychologist., Family Therapist – Centro Milanese di Terapia della Famigila – Luigi Boscolo, Milan; Ericksonian Hypnosis - with Jeffrey Zeig, Ph.D - Milton Erickson Foundation, Phoenix,AZ-, flower essences therapist. Author of”Gems Elixirs New Horizon of Inner Cure” , Ed.Biblioteca24horas,  “Alchemist´s Cuisine”, Ed. Pensamento, São Paulo, "The essence of crystals and metals" - Travassos Ed. RJ


55-14-3221-0303 / 9-9171-9898




Autor: Berenice de Lara   
Terapeuta floral com pós graduação pelo IBEHE/UERJ e sintonizadora do sistema de essências de cristais e flores Florais de Lara-Dharma. Autora dos livros Elixires de Cristais Novo Horizonte da Cura Interior e A Cozinha dos Alquimistas, Ed. Pensamento. Atendimento online pelo Skype e preparo de sua fórmula pessoal.
E-mail: floraisdelara@floraisdelara.com.br
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Publicado em 20/07/2015

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