Conciousness Field Essences

Conciousness Field Essences
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Essences of Conciousness Field

According to the definition of ABRACAMPO – Associação Brasileira de Pesquisadores de Campos de Consciência, Essences of Consciousness Field – ECC are those prepared in a natural and handmade way, carrying the register of the pattern of consciousness of a flower or a plant of the vegetal kingdom, mineral, environment, that enter into a resonance with the Consciousness Field of a person or a group of people, animals, environment and ecosystems. They find a support in the Quantic Physics principles.

These essences act like a catalyst to provide the expansion of conciousness in order to awake  the potentials, talents and virtues of a human being, new possibilities of choices in life, favoring therefore peace, harmony, well being and balance to the user. They can be taken by children, adults and elderly, with no risk of side effects. On the contrary, their purpose is to help the body to enter in balance, once harmonized as a whole.

We consider that our reality is made of matter, energy and consciousness, being this last one a pivotal element of it. Life would be a manifestation of self organized molecular structures as well as mental qualities and the conciousness field, what lead to the evolution of species. As stated by the scientists Harold Saxton Burr and S.C.Northrop from Yale University, any body has what they called “electric architecture”. This would be the impulse that molds and gives form to the individuals.

Once the electric architeture is out of balance, the body would be likely to get sick.

On the report of Psychologist Berenice de Lara after thirty years of her researches on the conciousness field of minerals,  explained in her books “Elixires de Cristais – Novo Horizonte da Cura Interior” and “A essência dos cristais e metais – Seu uso nas terapias naturais” , considering the specific properties of each mineral, the essences can  lead to a better quality of life, in a natural way.

Following the principles of psychosomatic medicine, the mineral and flower essences of Florais de Lara System aim to give  balance to the emotional and mental bodies, reflecting in health and wellness. They can be a complement to any treatment once the person will be treated in a holistic way.

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