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10 Steps to become your own Master – Part 7

Translated by Françoise Killick – [email protected]

The part contains the whole

In the first part, we learnt that beliefs create experiences: positive beliefs create positive experiences; negative beliefs, negative experiences.
In the second part, we saw there is an unbreakable link between body, mind and soul. The body is a function of the mind and reveals the memories kept in different ways, one of which is sickness
In the third part, we talked about "deprogramming", about breaking a belief, breaking the emotional routines of life.
In the fourth part, I asked you to always see the good part in everything that happens to you.
In the fifth part, we analysed the Ten Commandments to recreate the norms for a healthy life.
In this sixth part, we talked about the news findings of neuroscience which states that there is an emotional and primitive brain inside another cognitive, rational and conscious one. This emotional brain is closely connected to our physical body.
Today, in this seventh part, we are going to talk about a very old discovery which symbol is that mandala containing two halves, one white and the other black. In each half, there is a dot of the opposite colour, which is THE PART THAT CONTAINS THE WHOLE.

I want to start with the experience I had this morning while I was walking and that greatly inspired me to write this article. I was coming back from my morning walk when I decided to enter a supermarket to buy myself a fruit. I looked at that marvellous God's garden and could not decide which one to choose. There was a basket full of pears advertising "portuguese pears". I could not resist: I picked one, paid it, washed it and left the supermarket biting it with delight. I felt this little bite of pear contained the whole Portugal in it: the generous land, le sun, the rain, the hands of the men who worked the soil, the hand of the woman who picked the pear and so on.

I felt the truth of this statement and I went on walking thinking we are all part of the same energy, that we need to more and more be conscious of what we say, what we create, , of what we do because the pain of one of us is the pain of the other, war people are facing is our war (you see how easy it is to write about negative things! I am going to change to what is good). Charity is of all of us, the love we feel for someone is the love this person feels for another and for ourselves; our desires are the desires of everybody, our care for the earth, and so on and so forth.
This integration is the same we want to find in our lives. We want to integrate our parts with the whole and the WHOLE, becoming one with the Universe.
And, as we have already seen, the Universe is wise and has such a wide intelligence that we cannot even imagine it. Universe speaks the language of abundance, love, generosity, justice and beauty. Isn't it what you are looking for? So, observe the Universe, copy its laws and procedures and you will see that the Universe does not put, for instance, three different seeds in the same hole. Why do we keep on gossiping, having love affairs, maintain behaviours that we disapprove? And when the hurricane hits us, we do not understand why. Look at nature: how many forests are we destroying? The whole planet is suffering from it. And how does this action of the parts affect the whole? You have already seen how a flood destroys everything? This is it: the city and each one of its inhabitants suffer as much as the forest does.
Begin by uniting the body, the mind and the spirit

For such, use the power of exercises with mental images. They are part of the whole, to unite the body to the mind and the spirit, bringing light, harmony and poise to our life experience.
The exercises with mental images make you go back inside yourself, discover the belief that is preventing you from feeling your positive experiences and fight it until you substitute it for an image of triumph. With repetition, the mind can substitute the strength of a lesser image for an image that you chose as being good.
Here is an exercise for this: practise it for 7 or more days (up to 21). If you would rather not stop the one you are doing, print this article for when you are ready.
In the sitting position, with your eyes closed, breathe calmly three times and pay attention to the aim of this exercise which will last only for a few seconds.


See yourself in a desert, weak and starving, with no strength to walk and very far from your whole, the Whole that knows and sees everything. Breathe out this image to your left while receiving from your right side an image of an oasis full of water, fruit, wind and sun. Run to this oasis and be part of the majesty, the generosity and the love of the Universe. And then, conscious of this, breathe deeply and open your eyes.

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