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Crossing the Nine Portals of Knowledge – Part 1

Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius - [email protected]
Final revision by Françoise Killick - [email protected]

Experiencing Self-Knowledge
This Experiential Learning we are proposing to do together incites us to understand the 9 Portals of Knowledge, that we, human beings, have to cross to learn the knowledge they contain in order to walk through the road of Life with mastery.
We can decode the symbolism of numbers and thus understand the universe, life and ourselves: But this cannot be done in a unique reincarnation, as it is too broad: one life is not enough, because we can and must have, in our everyday life, attitudes and positions from which we have learnt, that make the path easier and take us closer to the Divine in us.

Let’s know and travel through Portals 1 / 2 / 3


As we enter the road of life, we have to realize our individuality, get hold of ourselves, work the mental aspect of ourselves, and jump into life, realizing our own strength. The fields of performance are:
Autonomous jobs / Entrepreneur/ Executive/ Logical areas / Mind areas / Mind body / yang / male energy / active energy / individuality / autonomy / independence/ leadership.
The beginning is marked by Portal 1, the strength of impulse, of the Father, the Creator, the beginning of the movement... It generates the Creator Power. In this Portal we give the first steps, shape our Ego, design our INDIVIDUALITY, develop our MIND! We work the ACTIVE ENERGY, the initiative, the male strength of action and search our individual fulfillment, our independence and our autonomy.
It is the basis of a successful passage through the other Portals, because, if we conquer our individuality, we will feel confident, focused, autonomous and centered on our objective. In this Portal, we focus and shape our image, as a photograph. Shaping a healthy, well-developed and centered Ego is very important. Crossing this Portal is risky. Earth represents, now, a trip to the Ego, full of illusions. Some societies stimulate ego-centered postured and the risk lies in falling in the lower Ego manifesting selfishness, authoritarianism, intolerance, arrogance, in a word, the Ego exacerbation.

This is when the challenge of re-learning through various incarnations starts.... But we can also fall into other serious mistakes: the difficulty of shaping our individuality, experience feelings of low self-esteem, inferiority, stagnation, dependence, weakness and failure.
So it is vital that, before searching for other kinds of knowledge, we feel we are individuals! It is the Portal of the mental, logical and fulfilling capacity.
A strong Ego needs a healthy Mind: in this Portal, we have thus to work and develop our MIND.

We are not alone in this life! We are constantly exchanging and sharing with others and we should do it with sensibility, diplomacy, kindness, understanding and cooperation. The fields of performance are:
Social areas / harmonizer / mediator / therapist / emotional body / yin / female energy / receptive energy / cooperation / solidarity / relationship / tolerance / diplomacy / peace.
Portal 1 is the impulse, which, to be generated, needs the passive Portal 2 that, in turn, receives the Active Strength: the two then gather: Yang and Yin, the reason, the beginning, the power of man and the receptivity of woman, the womb receiving the power of life!
Many things were started in number 1 but not completed, because nobody does anything alone. Portal 2 is necessary to add beauty in life. This Portal is considered the one of good taste, elegance and femininity. It gives us the rhythm of live on Earth (two legs, two arms, two nostrils, and two eyes).
As the Yang and Yin need to generate, this is the reason why partnerships and relationships are born. And to live this exchange, we need to watch out our attitudes, and develop our tolerance, tact, diplomacy and, of the utmost importance, our perception of the other.
This is a Portal where, to walk freely, we can’t have an ego posture, because it would generate disagreements, misunderstandings, lack of sensitivity towards the other, intolerance, anger and interference. But we also need to have our individuality shaped and centered; otherwise we will fall into excessive dependence, submission, indecision, duality and exaggerated concessions.
The knowledge of this Portal is vital for a harmonious life, pleasant and friendly relationships and victorious associations. It provides us the wisdom of living daily life with harmony, because we deal with respect to the other, patience and acceptance with tolerance.
Developing our relationships and partnerships with mastery is one of the greatest searches of our Self. PORTAL 3
We are part of a social environment. We must incentive clear and fluid communication, opening ourselves to new ideas, and exercise our creativity and happily work for a better social environment. The fields of performance are:
Creative areas / Communication / events/ art / expression / social / creativity / throat chakra / son / child / happiness / pleasure / lightness.
From the union of Yin and Yang, the point of creation is generated: Portal 3. It is the idea, the creativity! But "3" wouldn't exist, hadn't "1" and "2" existed... which, together, generate "3": the Idea is born! The project is born! The child is born! Portal 3 represents the trinity in us: the Father, the Mother and the Son. If one is able to reach this transformation, through the conscience of forgiveness, if one accepts and has a harmonious relationship with one's mother and father – the divine father and the divine mother – and if one is able to feel as a child again, with a father and a mother (even if only in thoughts), one is happy, a happy child, and feels complete!
Portal 3 is the one we are practicing in this moment: what a program! This Portal makes us feel so happy that we exchange a word, a gesture with the others. It is the Portal of the actor, the artist, the one who goes on the stage and sings, dances, acts, expresses himself, because it is the Portal of communication. It is the big “Clown Child” bringing people happiness, lightness, smile, good mood and creativity. It is the Portal of performance of the Throat Chakra.
People of this Portal socialize comfortably, expressing themselves clearly, with wisdom and effectiveness, and being open-minded, friendly and transparent with the others! They live life with lightness and in a good mood, looking for pleasant and creative activities which would improve their development and exercise their talents! The crossing of this Portal demands conscious and watchful action not to deviate to superficial, futile, childish and eccentric actions, and mainly to avoid manipulation through words, charisma and influence over others. People who haven’t developed the wisdom of this Portal tend to dispersion, manipulation, anti-social and even rude attitudes, creating gossips, quarrels, with serious difficulty in expression and communication! It is one of the Portals of the karma of Humanity, because man deviated and entered a world of superficiality, fantasy and illusion.
Let us release our natural child, search for a life of happiness and lightness!

Message from the author:
We had the opportunity to realize together the crossing of Portal 1, 2, 3, which brings us the necessary knowledge for a wider spiritual consciousness. In this crossing, we could catch the wisdom of each portal and, through deep reflection, contact our Superior Self, our own experiences and become aware of the difficulties in each Portal.
It is important now that we have the courage to assume our shadows, our weaknesses in order to balance, develop and exercise our wisdom in our trip on Earth. We always must be conscious of our biggest objective: our spiritual ascension, which we only reach once we have mastered these 9 aspects!
The Greater Planner gave us consciousness, humbleness to accept our limitations and courage to assume and transform ourselves! So, let’s NOW make a deal with our Greater being and walk through our earth path with Love, Acceptance, Consciousness, Spiritual Wisdom, and Looseness, aiming a always being connected with God, and going back to the Greater Plan as VICTORIOUS beings in our Life Project!
We reinforce the need to deal with people with ETHICS and COMPASSION, realizing the moment, the limits and the real needs of the other. We always have to be attentive to the “Human Ego” that can make us fall into false illusion of Power.
A word, action or direction wit no ETHICS and with no COMPASSION creates hard karmas for us, because even if we are already searching for the Expansion of Conscience, we don’t have it fully completed; we are only crawling to the Light!
We are servants, mere servants. May Love and Ethics guide our steps!

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