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Lessons for a healthy life – Lesson 3

Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius -

In the previous lesson we saw the importance of being fully present in everything you do, breaking for good with automated gestures and attitudes, putting the attention on each action. A watchful person, present here and now, is always ready and available to give adequate answers in any circumstance which may arise.
Once more, learn watching the attitude of the animals: they know how to relax, to loosen, and even play, but they remain ready to act in any situation that demands immediate response. And in the precise moment, they are already standing up, ready to attack or defend themselves.
It is not about absorbing this fight spirit, because we are human, rational beings and, consequently, we should be pacific too... What we need is to retrieve this connection with the organized potential of our existence, allying the superior functions of the brain to the wisdom recorded in the cells of our body…

The body portraits, carries all our private and hereditary history, it has a wisdom of millions of years of evolution. We wouldn’t be able to develop such a complex body – and the most evolved in the scale of the species – if this memory wasn’t transmitted from generation to generation. The ones who know the Neurological Reorganization technique, specially used by therapists of the antroposophyc line, know it is based in the principle that the man evolution reproduces the development of species.
So, connecting to your own body is the key to be present here and now, anchored in this wisdom that it has inside. Once more, conscious breathing, present attention on each action and meditation are the first steps.

Going on, start to give more attention to your own body: it needs to move... walk more, drive less. Acquire the habit of going to a park where you can enjoy the sun and the trees, even if it’s only a few times a month. Use the jogging lane to run and the gym equipment, without exaggerating. Or start to attend a gym, practicing some sport or swimming, Yoga, Tai Chi, or any other technique you identify with. The body practices can only contribute to a healthier life if they are allied to the awareness that mind and body are together in this process.

Have some minutes of your day available to pay attention to the way you walk. Walk slowly, in a fashion you can also breathe deeply and calmly. Aware of your breathing, put the attention on your feet. Feel the moment and the way each foot touches the ground. Feel the gradual support as it touches completely the ground and the transference of the body weight from one foot to another. Stop, stating the intention of stopping and start walking again, in the same way, anticipating in your mind the decision of walking. Do the same if you’re going to change directions. Little by little you can broaden the focus of your attention to be also attentive to what happens around you, without losing the perception of your conscious walk.

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