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Lessons for a Healthy Life – Lesson 7

Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius -

With this seventh lesson I close the first cycle of these psycho-physical practices for a good health.
In this first series, I tried to call the attention that each one must direct to him/herself, what will enable you to take the self-responsibility concerning your own health and well-being. It is necessary to awaken yourself before anything else, doing a necessary inner work so one can find the right place and the most adequate way of acting in the world, because it is the lack of harmony with one’s own essence that usually leads us to get sick and weaker to the external conditions.
We all have gifts to be developed and we can’t allow the social and cultural conditioning to stop our potential growth. Among those conditionings, we carry the harmful heritage of the dissociation among matter and spirit, body and mind.

All the wisdom of the existence is registered in the cell memory of all bodies, in all the realms of manifestation, with millions of years of stored experience and a potential to be incessantly developed and replaced in new platforms and challenges to the evolution of life.
Our body is the headquarters of our spirit and from it we can find the meaning of life itself, because each one is a micro-universe with a specific mission inside the macro-universe. The body is our instrument for action, all that we do is part of the use we do of this mysterious gift we received when we were born in this terrestrial plan.
Our body allows us to awaken to the recognition of what is peculiar to us, leads us to our own history and points out the ways to overcome the limitations we bring as beings in eternal evolution.
Practice daily the exercises presented in this series, not as external suggestions, but as a personal purpose of self-discovery. They are not ‘closed’ exercises on their form, on the contrary, they are only indication of how to find you own path, generate self-confidence and self-control, in a harmonious relationship with the external world and the people you live with.


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