A warning on this day

por Wagner Borges

English version by Claver Moraes - [email protected]

Hello guys,

Today is very heavy here in my town.
There is a mixture of air pollution with the mental pollution emanating by millions of people in this city, as well as the inevitable and thick Extra-physical presences in non-physical side of it.
So stay tuned and in a better tune as much as possible of each one.
Read the two texts below and draw your conclusions.
Nowadays, being connected to someone with some Light is a Gift.
Friend(s), son(s), parents or mentors, please, have more recognition to individuals who add something good to your evolution. They are little Anam Caras whom the Lord put in your evolutionary path. Connect to ones with more quality and with strong friendliness, strengthen ties, as this creates productive auric couplings and voids the bad influence from outside.
Read something healthy; listen to good music; and tenaciously fight the troubles (beats) within. And do not let to escape the good things in your life... Fight and improve, because everything is a matter of spiritual harmony.
Behead the ugly head of the ego with the discernment sword and regenerate your journey yourself. Talk more (without a position to know everything) and claim things in common in the light. What you perform, even the simplest things, be it always with the auspices of Light.
With an open mind and a lit heart, be positive. Be happy.
Another thing: I will be next Monday with Robson Pinheiro, at Rádio Mundial, and with Victor Rebelo there for an interview.
We will have lunch together and will record. And afterwards, I and Robson will converse in the afternoon as it is eight years since we do not meet to talk. And he is very good-natured and loves getting cracking jokes.
If possible, I will ask someone for recording this talk in a video.

A hug to everyone.
Wagner Borges, your evolution friend.
(Posted today on the internal lists of Studies and Assistance Spiritual IPPB Groups and Space Sources)


Outside, in the forest of life, tigers roar, because of that you tremble with fear of living. However, there is another forest within yourself.
Instead of trees and dense vegetation, this forest is made up of your thoughts, feelings and consciential energies.
Hidden within the forest inside, lurking, there are other beasts.
Tigers are the ego, very violent and hungry.
There are Tigers out, and Tigers within.
Which one do you fear most?
To deal with the beasts out *, just guard and surround the perimeter of your life with proper security. But what to do with the beasts inside?
Outside Tigers can eat your body, but you can still live in spirit. However, the ego's Tigers can eat your spirit inside and constantly, shattering your superior balance.
How to face them? What can you do inside of yourself?
It is Krishna, who is the Lord of lotus eyes, who gives the following recipe to men:
1. With the full discernment, cut the claws of the beasts.
2. With common sense, saw its preys.
3. With the love and wisdom integrated with yourself, tame the beasts within.
4. If you cannot kill the inner beasts in this moment of your life, then tame them with intelligence!
5. Make the beasts calm, becoming serene too!
6. Do not allow your spirit to be bitten again. Tame the beasts in yourself!
7. Beasts like violence. Do not allow your thoughts and violent emotions be food to them!
8. There are beasts lurking your ways, inside and outside ones. The solution is the same for both ways: discernment a lot!

- Wagner Borges - a normal human being with flaws and qualities, but also subject to violence of beasts within, but trying to face them with intelligence and creativity - and, by following Krishna's advice, with discernment a lot!

These writings were made impromptu on the lesson board, during a lecture at IPPB, with about 150 people who were present.

- Notes:
* Of course, the outside beasts have its own nature; they are not good or bad, but only expressions of life in its animal cycle and must be respected, as well as all forms of life and their virtual environments.
Obs.: For a better appreciation of these writings, I finish the first part of the sequence.


There are many traps in this world. At the bottom of them, there are low moral beings lurking. Deceived by mellifluous sing of sensory illusions, people hand over their hands in a showy dance as the evil is present in their luxurious clothes and leaves records in their necks.
The wind of the circumstances just wearies the unwary who are exposed to their chains. Their lashes leave marks where nobody expects.
Prudence and attention.
Who walks with the beasts always are at risk of being bitten.
Who dances with evil is marked by it.
Who advances the signal, allows approach.
And where is not expected, among smiles and false camaraderie, comes the bite mark.
Who runs in the dirty room, fatally will dirty his feet.
Who embraces the drunken will breathe the smell of the alcohol exhaled.
With the beasts, the nightmare seems to be a dream, and low vibrations seem to be interesting allegory. Because the evil beasts magnetize the senses of the unwary, while tear chunks of your life numb life. Their traps are showy, and their outstretched hands seem to be friendly, in despite of their deleterious touch.
The beasts dance, and nobody see. Only last the marks of their bites in the unwary's energy. This is the price for the fools!
Because of that, here are a warning from the master Jesus: Prey and watch, for not to ye fall into temptation!

- An anonymous Jesus Christ's server -
(Received spiritually by Wagner Borges - São Paulo, December 21, 2003)

The helper who gave me these writings is one of the extra-physical workers linked to spiritual hosts of Jesus. He does not want any disclosure about his personality, which, he said, is transient and small. His joy is to feel himself connected to Extra-physical assistance work (he is an expert on dis-obsession), on behalf of the Lord.

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