Talking about parents and sons in the heart's heaven

por Wagner Borges

English version by Vivian D Ignacio
[email protected]

If life can grow in an unconscious tree

(When the sea bird spreads the Great Spirit's word)

Father, I saw a sea bird flying and it had reminded me of you
My heart was fulfilled with good memories
of your strong arms holding me tight
Of your advices and belief in my future
Of how you were patient with me
You know, when we are young we are not able to put ourselves in our father's shoes
We take for granted who support and stand for us no matter what
As time goes by we become parents either and we are able to understand
The experience broaden our horizons,
And then we recall that we were the sons one day
And the sorrow comes with the feeling of thankfulness
Father, yesterday I didn't know: now I now, with all my soul
With my sons arrival the wind of love blew in my heart
Just like blew in your heart when you received me as your son

I keep thinking in all things that are left unsaid between parents and sons
Things that the wind takes away. things that are priceless
Memories that last forever in our heart's heaven
As the years go by, I have feelings that I hadn't before
Looking with love to my sons, I think in your love for me
And if is like this on Earth, I bet that is a bigger love in all that exist
An universal heart where parents and sons share the real feelings.
I imagine the higher Power that put us together as parent and sons
I thing of God, father of us all, thanking for the gift
Yes, I thank for the gift of being a father today and of being your son before that.

P.S.: Father, the sea bird flew in my heart's heaven

And she told me: "The Higher Spirit told you to write something for the parents and sons."
I didn't question, I just wrote what I felt, aware of my mission.
Because I know that is a Higher Power capable of connecting consciousness invisibly
As I know as well, that some words can arrive in the right moment for some people
Maybe, the broken hearts reconsider some feelings and reunite parents and sons again
Or, simply, between the layers of life, parents and sons touch themselves in the infinite
For the work and grace of a higher power, this is possible. How is possible to think about it.
Yes, to think to restart. Maybe to improve parents and sons relationships in the world.
So, let this words travel around, to accomplish their mission to unite hearts
May the wind of love take these words to the needed, as it should be.

(These words are dedicated to Waldemar Borges, my father, 82 years old, and to the parents and sons all over the globe, that are capable of feeling the wind of love blowing in their hearts).

Peace and Light.

- Wagner Borges - master of nothing and follower of anything.

- Note:
* As I rewrite these lines I remembered of the hindu master Sry Aurobindo and his wisdom, that I really admire:
"If, in the emptiness without meaning the creation was created;
If an unconscious matter was born;
If life can grow in an unconscious tree;
And its green charm penetrates in the greenish leaves;
And its beautiful smile can blossom in the flower,
And the feeling can be felt in the tissue, nerves and cells,
And the though can take over the grey matter of the brain,
And the soul can take a look through the flesh,
How can the powerful light miss the man,
And unknown powers emerge from the sleeping Nature?
Even now, glimpses of shining truth like stars,
grow over the splendor of the lunar mind of ignorance;
Even now, the immortal touch of the Lover is felt,
If the door remains a little open,
What, then, can stop God of coming in?
Who is going to forbid his kiss on the sleeping soul?

- In Savitri -
(Sry Aurobindo - Aurobindo Ghose - Índia, 1872-1950. Your work is known as the "Integral Yoga" because, as he Said, "All life is Yoga!"
- For my details about him: link

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