The Spiritual Meaning of Motherhood

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Text and translation by Daniele Alvim - [email protected]

The task of being responsible for another being is not easy. Especially for us, women, that have a natural inclination to motherhood, when in front of her and the reality of having a child for whom care at least, 18 years, sometimes frights me. And just scared because at this great responsibility that we have to do our best for our offspring would become a conscious adult and healthy as possible in all directions. And who says we are perfect?

I have three beautiful children, two girls and a boy. And even in front of my initial terror of not knowing how to act in the face of some challenges (Will I get the message across as well as my parents did?), I realized that really those wanted angelic little "pests" have the great advantage of coming smarter than us, more resourceful than us, full of an inner authority and a singular wisdom who makes me conclude every day that we parents are, so to speak, only the instructors of a way that they themselves already have within them. We are only those who recognize the potential and direct, channel, brought this potential to be used as best as possible. And thinking so, of course, we are the official protectors of them, I stopped worrying about being the perfect mother.

And we wouldn´t need to be perfect cause they already look at us as if we were the beings more perfect of the world (The nature is really wise...). True gods incarnated, pretty, and without any defect. And from this angle it would be interesting at least for some time, we incarnate these gods. I think so, because when they grow up and discover that their parents were not as perfect as well, at least they will know to see the perfection in imperfection that is the perfect human being. Through their parents our children can develop the capacity of believe that human beings have many qualities, even if not perfect, and forgive us for any failures. Let's plant the right in the heart of these little cutes and then realize that cool how they learned nicely.

Moreover, spiritually speaking, parents embody the divine essence of God the Father and the Mother Goddess (Holy Spirit). Father representing Wisdom and Mother Love. They assume the karma of their children until 21 years old when his mental body is fully formed and then the spiritual body begins to develop. The more parents are aware of it, the better will nurture their children with spiritual food, tailoring, having the love as essential energy to grow without any problem.

And when the baby is born with some special disease, parents should have a sense of mission redoubled as they, thought this hard task, held the difficult commitment to love and accept it unconditionally as part of their spiritual evolution. In this case, the karmic responsibility can last a lifetime.

But motherhood is this, giving unconditionally in all circumstances, it is abdication, willpower and determination to take care of those who so wish to bring to this world. Even if that famous phrase "I did not ask to be born!" is relative, so to speak, because we know that our small choose us before birth. Knowing this, from time to time I look at them and think: "I am grateful for having chosen me. You are so amazing!"

But further than represents responsibility, conscience, gift, relinquishment, motherhood means to me much love, happiness, joy, many nice moments and the assurance of continuation of our DNA on this planet. When we have the chance to observe that everything went well, despite the uncertainties, it must be something that gives us a great sense of accomplishment. I´m waiting to get there and still have some grandchildren to finally deseducate!

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