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Stepping Calmly into the Sacred Path

Translated by Dora Godoy -

In our country and all over the world, we are going through a period of great uncertainty, economically speaking. The immediate, instant communication, the commercial opening that allows intense trading to and from every corner of the world – the so called globalisation – have caused enormous interdependence within our planet. In the positive side, these changes are showing that the Unity is in constant action, joining more and more people of every race and nation, and making them more conscious of their actions; on the negative side, disclosing the financial fragility and vulnerability of an only apparently great nation, causing serious disturbances in practically the entire world.

Without judging the merit of the question, and without trying to find the origin of such crisis or not even speculating about possible solutions, we can definitely verify the decline of our actual systems of government as well as the corrosion of the present values that regulates our societies, pushing us far away from peace, harmony, and serenity; therefore causing separation, disparities, and conflicts.

There are, however, thousands of people all over the world that can remain calmly centred in face of such external events. These are not alienated, misinformed or ignorant people... Most of them are indeed human beings who are not guided or manipulated by the external world. But instead, their internal centre of gravity, which is permanently in equilibrium and in tune with the Spiritual Source, orients them. Many are humble and simple people having the most different activities; they are hardly noticed by the media, they just go on their silent and productive routine; some of them became more active and determined, others have even lost definitely their fears and are now completely engaged in their life mission.

What is it that separates these human beings from others who are not getting any sleep these days, feeling devastated by financial losses and distressed by the fear of a new fall of the Stock Market tomorrow? Basically, it is just a matter of being well informed. These people are not aware of the total transitory nature of life in this Blue Planet; they do not know the few spiritual laws that govern our existence; and they can be forever tied up to material things. We all know that material values only create a big illusion about safety and satisfaction. These are extremely volatile values, which do not grant quality of life to those who have them. On the contrary, it does cause permanent concerns with damages and losses, thus absorbing a precious amount of energy that could well be used for achieving more noble goals in one’s self benefit or in the benefit of the others, less favoured companions in this life journey. The ignorance of what exists beyond the matter simply throws away the true happiness of these brothers.

We need to know ourselves better, change our focus, enlarge our horizons, and seek hardly who we are and what we are here for. Yes, our true permanent residence is the Universe as a whole. Our nature, our essence, and all that it governs are spiritual; the substrate of all that exists is Unconditional Love.
Therefore, when we feel we are an integral part of the Infinite Universe (and not only limited to our earthy roots), when we recognise the immortality of the spirit, and when we experience the law of love in our lives, then we will be definitely following our path in tune with the true beauty, in tune with the divine, and in tune with the Whole who is present in everything. It is enough to desire it is enough to act listening mostly to our heart, without fear, with perseverance, right attitude, and happiness. Step by step will make us even more steady, self-reliant to certainly harvest the results of our daily efforts sacred fruits, which no one could ever take from us, because they really are our own not-transferable victories...

And at each step taken - forward and upward - something inside of us changes: we perceive intensely the beauty; what we could not see before, now appears right in front of us. We can perceive a flower, which the day before was just germinating, exhaling its perfume around; we can perceive a little human being under gestation when she or he kicks the mother’s belly for the first time, as if to say: "look at the miracle inside here, just me, perfect creation going through a magic, delicate process of formation, growing firmly and strong to soon start the new journey". Or perhaps we could see that humming-bird with indescribable colours, attempting to pollinate the flowers even over this immense and polluted stoned jungle.

It is life, showing us its vigour and freshness in spite of everything, asking us to do our best, asking us to strive to reach our divine nature, to wake up from such a long period of hibernation, to assume our admirable power and our unique ability - "our special Gift" - to find and use our dusty tool perhaps hidden for centuries of oppression, obscurity, and darkness.

This newsletter is once more an invitation for us to get united, in tune, in spiritual contact with one another, trying to recognise the essential values, and advancing with them supported by great courage to become examples of harmonious and serene beings no matter the temporary circumstances of the environment we live in.

Then, there will not be crisis, economical or any other that could take us apart from our centre, apart from all we have conquered and incorporated within our Soul, in our way of being and living. We shall deal much better with our lives, counting on our wisdom and creativity in all situations we face, and we shall appreciate here and now Eden in the Earth... something which depends on us only. And more, we are not only a few, we are not lost, because we are finally meeting each other again....

Be blessed!

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