10 Steps to become your own Master – Part 5

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Translated by Françoise Killick – [email protected]

Practising exercises with mental images to free oneself from opressors.

In the first part, we learnt that beliefs create experiences.
In the second part, we saw there is an unbreakable link between body, mind and soul.
In the third part, we talked about "deprogramming", about breaking a belief.
In the fourth part, I asked you to always see the good part in everything that happens to you.
In this fifth part, we are going to talk about freedom. And to start with, I would like to state that we only manage to feel, live and transmit freedom if we are in peace with the holy rules of human living. And what are these rules?
The first ten are stated in the Ten Commandments, about which I would like to give Doctor´s Gerald Epstein teachings:

The first commandment says: "Do not worship any other god before Me", which incentives us not to adore anybody nor anything besides the strength of the Spirit which knows and sees everything and which is reflected, as in a mirror, in each one of us.

The second says: "Do not make idols of any kind". This means we shouldn't project images of power in our mind, which would make us slaves to ideas, people or situations, creating in our holographic world beliefs that transform us in slaves of those ideas we created for ourselves or that we let other create for us.

The third commandment tells us not to adore these images as "I am your Holy Father, God". We shouldn't defy the strength of the Spirit who knows all and sees all and, above all, is just, so just He can act on our descendents up to the fourth generation. And thus, all power is taken from other human beings to interfere in our destiny. And we can lead a pure and true life, looking for Supreme Good, freeing ourselves totally from any slavery.
The ten Commandments also exhort us not to take any action in the name of God. Are you aware of how many wars are made in the name of God? How many politicians invoke His name to distort things?

The fourth Commandment to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. And this reminds me of the shopping centres that work 24 hours a day, with not a single day of rest for the employees. Love for money, for material power is increasing and our system suffers: families are deprived from their "heads" who spend overtime working, the body weakens and the mind empties.

The fifth Commandment says: "Honour your father and mother". This one is for me the clearest: as the family is the basis of everything, how could parents and children be crossed with each other if one is the continuation of the other? How could I live pacifically in the outside world if I don't in my own family? The basis for peace in the world lies there: in learning tolerance, respect and compassion, not only verbally, but demonstrated in our thoughts, acts and behaviours at all levels.

The sixth Commandment says: "Do not murder", which means not only "don't take the other's life" but also "don't kill a marriage by having an affair; don't kill the hope of a child by repeating he is good for nothing; don't kill a nation by starving it of food and knowledge; don't kill a new life not giving conditions for survival; don't kill the pride of a nation because it is different from yours...".

The seventh Commandment says: "Do not commit adultery" and this does not only mean "don't betray your companion". Gossiping is a way of being adulterous with truth; envy also is as we desire what is not ours; trying all ways of curing also can be considered this way as it corrupts energies. Look up synonyms in the dictionary and you will understand how wide this commandment is.

The eighth Commandment tells us: "Do not testify falsely against your neighbour". I will not comment on this commandment not to incur in this error.

The ninth Commandment orders: "Do no steal", and this goes from stealing a nail to stealing the time of other people, feelings, truths, ideas and ideals, overtime hours at work, innocence, honour, dignity, physical body, and liberty in all its aspects.

The last Commandment "Do not covet... anything your neighbour owns", including the children he has educated with love and who are going to war, the hours of sleep, his studies, his purity and innocence. And also, the right of all to pure air, and clean water and unpolluted land...

Following these ten Commandments, we will certainly be completely free.
And I would like to give you this exercise to be practised for the next seven days, always in the morning when you wake up.
Seated, with the palms of your hands on your legs, breathe slowly three times and put all your attention on this exercise which will only take you a few seconds:

Exercise for liberty

See, feel and imagine you have twelve arms surrounding you and each one of these arms is a violation of the Commandments: idolatry, disrespect to your body and feelings, mundane power, greediness, lack of respect and of love, all forms of abuse, adultery, robbery, envy, gossip, lack of compassion and of judgement. You have no way of freeing yourself. Breathe slowly and perceive the Holy Being surrounding you and freeing you from those twelve arms. Be thankful and escape this place to find yourself on the road of freedom which is open to you and leads you straight forward up to the horizon where a powerful sun is awaiting you. Embrace the sun with your twelve arms and feel you have won.
Then, breathe liberty and open your eyes.

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