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10 Steps to become your own Master – Part 6

Translated by Françoise Killick – [email protected]

Sixth step: Let's try to better understand the human brain functions.
In the first part, we learnt that beliefs create experiences: positive beliefs create positive experiences; negative beliefs, negative experiences.
In the second part, we saw there is an unbreakable link between body, mind and soul. The body is a function of the mind and reveals the memories kept in different ways, one of which is sickness
In the third part, we talked about "deprogramming", about breaking a belief.
In the fourth part, I asked you to always see the good part in everything that happens to you.
In the fifth part, I gave you my view on the Ten Commandments, as education rules and life discipline, which free us from oppression.
In this sixth part, we are going to analyse a little bit more what neuroscience has discovered about our brain.
But first, I would like to comment on some mails I have received with reference to these ten steps:
- Some people would like to practise one particular exercise for more than 7 days. The answer is that they can do it for 7 or 14 days, completing a full cycle of 21 days. And then, if they want, they can practise the following exercise on the same basis. I suggest that they print the exercises to have them at hand when they feel they are ready.

- Another question concerns the practice of 2 or more exercises at a time. I would say that mixing intentions is a way of adulterating results, as we have seen in the fifth step. When we work with exercises with mental images, we have a specific intention, a specific aim. Once at a time. However, if the intention is always the same, we can do more than one exercise for this specific intention. Is it clear?
- Some people wondered whether they could lie down while doing the exercises. NEVER. Exercises with mental images are not a method of relaxation. It is real work and for the mind, we work seated.

Let's come back to our 6th exercise and talk about the new discoveries of this behavioural medicine that has finally established a link between the body and the mind and explains it through the functioning of the human brain.
In his book "Healing", Dr. David Servan-Schreiber says there is a brain inside another brain. He calls the primitive brain, the oldest one, "emotional brain", and the other one, "cognitive brain". For the scientists, the emotional brain is like "the Headquarters that continuously receive pieces of information from the different parts of the body and respond by maintaining the physiological harmony of the body". "The emotional brain is therefore more closely related to the body than the cognitive one, and this is why it is easier to touch emotions through the body than through verbal language". Our memories are kept in our emotional brain as images, symbols and metaphors. And it is in this part of the brain (functions of the mind) that we hide our fears, our anger (even the animal anger), our most primitive feelings, since the time we were torn between the options of fighting or dying.
Conscience, rationality, logic are - according to the scientists - located in the cognitive brain and must pass to the emotional brain in order for our emotional answers to be poised.

This theory makes a lot of sense to me as I have this "gift" of entering people's emotional brain and see the images that are kept there. My aim is to create exercises that can help these persons to abolish the barrier between the emotional and cognitive brains. The practice of exercises with mental images will bring conscience and light where there used to be unconsciousness and darkness and transform this life experience into something positive.

We can summarize by saying that we photograph in our emotional brain all our beliefs and standards as images and symbols that have the strength and the energetic power to vibrate in our physical reality.
This can also be accomplished through the touch, hypnosis, dreams, art-therapy, aromatherapy, massages or Rholfing. I use exercises with mental images as it is what I know as a result of my "gift".

As this sixth step is quite technical, I suggest that you continue the fifth exercise for one more week.
See you next week!!

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