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10 Steps to become your own Master – Part 8

Translated by Françoise Killick – [email protected]

The mind, just like the body, needs to be muscled up.

In the first part, we learnt that beliefs create experiences: positive beliefs create positive experiences; negative beliefs, negative experiences.
In the second part, we saw there is an unbreakable link between body, mind and soul. The body is a function of the mind and reveals the memories kept in different ways, one of which is sickness.
In the third part, we talked about "deprogramming", about breaking a belief, breaking the emotional routines of life.
In the fourth part, I asked you to always see the good part in everything that happens to you.
In the fifth part, we analysed the Ten Commandments to recreate the norms for a healthy life.
In this sixth part, we talked about the news findings of neuroscience, which states that there is an emotional and primitive brain inside another cognitive, rational and conscious one. This emotional brain is closely connected to our physical body.
In the seventh part, we saw that the part contains the whole, an experience I had when I bit a portuguese pear and felt the whole country in that flavour and texture.

In this eighth step, we are going to discuss about the daily exercise our brain requires. Just as we go to the gym centre to take care of our body to calculate how much we want to develop, design or remodel our muscles, we must do the same with our brain. For that, there are lots of techniques, such as yoga, meditation, purity of our thoughts, generosity, the conscious and constant care not to indulge into gossiping, judgement or evaluation. Or this all together.

I have practised exercises with mental images and can tell the incredible change this makes on my everyday life. I also see this result in my patients' minds after they have practised the exercises themselves.

Every morning when I wake up, I sit on my bed with the yes closed and I practise an exercise to clean up my mind and visualize everything I want to live during that day. Then, I wash my body whilst I ask my mind to clean up my cells as if that water coming from the tap had the power to clean my impurities of thoughts, words and actions. I spend the rest of the day trying to avoid that new or repetitive thoughts invade me by imagining flowers blossoming, and singing mentally sacred mantras, creating prayers while I walk or drive.

When I witness something violent, I say to myself that what my eyes are seeing and my senses are feeling is outside myself. Inside me, there is light and peace, beauty and gratitude, there is a garden full of white lillies which perfume bring harmony, sweetness, understanding and forgiveness to the situation that my eyes are witnessing and my senses are feeling.

This is a way of muscling up your mind, just obeying the words of the Great Master: "Watch and pray".

I would very much like you to have the concrete notion of the power of the mind. The mind is capable of realizing all your wishes as it makes no difference between imagination and reality. It does not qualify nor distinguish. It only obeys. Just as in Aladin's tale.
Bring this tale back to your memory, knowing that the lamp is our physical body, the genius is the mind and Aladin is inside each one of us.

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Izabel Telles é terapeuta holística e sensitiva formada pelo American Institute for Mental Imagery de Nova Iorque. Tem três livros publicados: "O outro lado da alma", pela Axis Mundi, "Feche os olhos e veja" e "O livro das transformações" pela Editora Agora.
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