Are you ready for the Crystal Age?

Are you ready for the Crystal Age?

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English Version by F. Luongo - fernanda_luongo@hotmail.com

Nothing better than to introduce ourselves talking about what we do...
First of all "we are all one", in other words we're a collective unity, and a group of people working exclusively with the new age aspects and with the subjects involving the 5th dimension. Thus, you will not see the names of the individuals because we'll always talk as a group, and in fact the group energy is the new light and the new tone approaching in this new time on Earth.
Secondly, and perhaps especially, our goal is that you make an active part of this stage of transformation. So put yourself in this group context, if possible, in person.
Crystal Age is very close.
Even though the name still sounds strange and that there is little material on the internet about the subject, the central theme is an old acquaintance of ours ... This "our" refers now to Lightworkers, to intergalactic travelers, to the guardians of the planet, to the healers of the earth, to those who know they are not here to some kind of tour.
Yes, we have MUCH work to do! And the first thing is to prepare ourselves physically and emotionally.
The new times are closer than we'd like (coz we always leave everything we have to do for the last minute, aren't we?) and two things are fundamental to "join this party" properly: emotional grounding and cleanliness of old patterns.
The Crystal Age will not admit slips. But keep in mind that these slips have nothing to do with "mistakes" or "sins"! Slippery attitudes are those who we consciously know that harm us and that no longer serve us.
To enter the time of transparency, giving, fellowship, communion, shared actions, and the ultimate healing, one must pass:

- Cut situations and people (oh! the people...) people who have caused us harm and also those that we cause some damage;
- Unconditional forgiveness (remembering that forgiveness is as important as receiving forgiveness. Sometimes the other has already forgiven us, but we still feel guilty.);

- Train one's perception beyond the senses;
- The practice of love... to everyone... to everything... all the time...

At this moment we are being gently conducted to the Crystal Age.
There are missing only 3 minutes in the cosmic clock on the Earth and if you have been curious about the accuracy of the count, mark on your calendar with colorful letters these following dates:
3rd week of December 2012: Earth energy activation;
3rd week of February 2013: Earth Energy apex, full power energy and the arrival of the Crystal Age.
It will be difficult for us to pass through the phase between one and another cause we will be in contact with an unknown energy, ready to take us into a higher step in the evolutionary plan of the planet.
Many of us are wondering what will be the consequences.
Well, our Pleiadians friends (that inform us and have a small part in this whole plan of action), ensure us that the transition of the Earth's Body will be the subtlest possible. We have no idea what that means but we hope to be prepared for each and every consequence focusing properly on the inside to deservedly receive the gift of evolution.
After all this is the best time to be alive, isn't it?
Being able to witness and perhaps participate in the construction of new paradigms as pioneers is simply fantastic and certainly that's why we prepare ourselves for so long and bear the word judgment with mastery when they pointed us as crazy and "empty-headed".

Long live the "empty-head"! That is precisely what will make us receive easily the new teachings directly from the source and also contact the 5th dimension learning the light path from those who have already arrived there.
Exactly: Say goodbye to the "path of darkness." This path will remain in the old world, along with the pain, egos, faults and isolation. We're running out of time so in the coming weeks, we'll speak of all concepts that were passed to us, involving the Crystal Age, the fifth dimension and the preparation for the events that are about to occur.
Be with us. Contact us. We are in the here and now along with you!
And stay tuned: we are producing a tutorial about the interdimensional vehicle which is a unit of energy, molded in our own body that facilitates the entrance into the fifth dimension and protects us from high energy charge which will come in the activation period in the third week of December.

Important: No event, material, tutorial, or information connected to the Crystal Age involves payment of any kind. Stay tuned. It is time to separate the wheat from the chaff!

Be Light, dear!

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