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Be different, worth it

por Saul Brandalise Jr.
Be different, worth it
Publicado dia 10/07/2004 00:38:52 em STUM WORLD


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Translated by Fernanda Santos Pereira da Silva
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Yesterday I finished my third book: “Destroy to Build”. I thought I would take a break for a while and the moment the task was done I had the sneaky feeling that this book had a great content.
“I guess it’ll be hard to write another one with such suggestive title and such singular convergence of actions”, I thought. And kept that feeling inside…. I went to bed early.
In the middle of the night, precisely at 04:00 a.m., I woke up. I made my self-energization, mentalization and nonetheless, I didn’t feel sleepy at all. Soon I realized that my mentors had some news.
Immediately I reached for paper and pen and, chapter by chapter, I received what is meant to be my fourth book.

Be different. Worth it.

This book will be aimed towards businessmen, self-employed, executives and people who need to meditate about the results they obtain. We don’t have to be cultured, prepared business experts, but worthy. The difference between two minds prepared with the same graduating course, Masters or Ph.D. is the ability to achieve. There is a straight relation between our achievements and how we get to our aims. Depending on the way, we might get what we want, but we won’t be able to keep our merit.

Try to analyze a person who won money from a work complain. He was fully remunerated while working for his company, but somehow he managed to receive what wasn’t his right. Which is the enjoyment of the received amount?
Money that comes in a bad way, is spent in a bad way, is misused. All the people I knew that used this artifice to their self-benefit, either employees or lawyers made a bad use of their resources.
A creative person is, sometimes, an awful achiever, because his or her application methods are inadequate.
The experts, the prepared ones not always get it and they are overcastted by the ones who are guided by their intuition. What is the difference? The last ones worth it by their attitudes and thoughts.

Saul Brandalise Jr. is writer and collaborates with Somos Todos UM.

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Sobre o autor
Saul Brandalise Jr. é colaborador do Site, autor do livro: O Despertar da Consciência da editora Theus, onde mostra através das narrativas de suas experiências como extrair lições de vida e entusiasmo de cada obstáculo que se encontra ao longo de uma vida.
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