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Translated by Françoise Killick - [email protected]

I was already 10 minutes late for a meeting and the traffic was very slow. While I was wondering the time I would spend to get there, a bus came from my left-hand side and entered the road on my right, obliging me to do the same, and taking me out of my way... I was mumbling about having to deviate my way and being later than I had thought, when I realized that the street I had been taken to apparently by mistake was in fact straighter to where I wanted to go... And besides, the traffic was flowing...

I felt thankful and remembered a recent situation in which something that seemed, at first, negative, in fact revealed itself to be a present, with the indication of a new path for me... I had accepted this situation quite easily and even given thanks for the learning I was acquiring. I realized, once things settled down by themselves, that this was a way the Universe was showing me an easier and straighter way, a way I was unable to see and that was in fact part of my destiny...

I also thought about the times I had not accepted these unexpected deviations and had not, therefore, learnt with them, exhausting myself in a useless and stressful inner resistance.

We sometimes need to be bullied in order to be able to see other possibilities that turn out into very positive experiences, but that we do not accept in the beginning because we already have a very well defined path in our mind...

We do have to be open to what the Universe is indicating and teaching us with the apparent disruptions or deviations that happen in our lives, as these are presents we often do not recognize as such when we are stubborn or do not let go...

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