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Translated by Elizangela Josin de Oliveira -

Probably the most awkward situation we can face is when we ask ourselves:
- But what am I doing here after all? Why doesn’t anything work for me?
This fact already happened to me and with everybody who need to meet
himself and, if you are living this moment, instead of being apprehensive, feel happy. Your time has arrived, this is the moment of the awakening of your consciousness.
Hence, while we meditate and forsake negative thoughts, we realize we work pretty much the same as a receiver radio with a lot of different frequencies of waves.
In old times this was common, a radio machine that had the alternatives of capturing signals in different frequencies. AM waves, FM, short waves of 25 and 49 meters and so on.
Indeed, our inner self is similar to that... we are the average of our thoughts.
We live the life we create. We vibrate in the frequency that our friends,
our family and the society “allow us” to stay. Many times we believe that
everything is wrong with us when, actually, our environment has been infected with negative energy. We are the one who think consequently in mistaken way. We choose in that way the energy and, why not to state, the frequency that we are used to and we are able to receive.
It is important we accept this truth, as it is vital to know how to get out from it.

What is the way?
There is only one, the love.
But which love?
The unconditional one.

Love for people, for plants, for the animals, for our enemies and
disaffections. Love for our capacity of forgiveness and love for our inner self. This is the correct frequency in which our receptor needs to act, thus only in this way it could transmit this love.
Hate generates hate. Sorrow produces sorrow. Envy reduces our capacity of seeing the alternative success. Only love creates love.
Knowing how to think makes the difference, in fact, it is the base of
everything. Nevertheless, when we put away the bitter experiences we start to build a new beginning of happy life.

I know we will see each other.
A kiss in the soul.
Saul Brandalise Jr.

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Saul Brandalise Jr. é colaborador do Site, autor do livro: O Despertar da Consciência da editora Theus, onde mostra através das narrativas de suas experiências como extrair lições de vida e entusiasmo de cada obstáculo que se encontra ao longo de uma vida.
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