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Translation by Luciana Soares Lopes - [email protected]
Final revision by Françoise Killick - [email protected]

God, oh my God, where are You?
I look for You, but I don't find You... I search for You and I don't succeed... What star did You hide in? Please, show me the light...
I need You so much and I don't find You...
I suffer because of this, for things are not doing well. I know I know nothing but it's no use, it doesn't help knowing that.
Suddenly, it seems that everything gets upside down and things that were good collapse...
God, oh my God, where are You?
I look ahead, up, down, to all sides and I can't find You. All I see is pain, discouragement and lack of faith. I am afraid, oh Lord. Fear of the uncertain future. Fear of loving and not being loved in return.
Fear of being misunderstood. Fear, only fear and nothing else.
I need You so much and I don't find You...
Sometimes I get disgusted and lose control. People judge. I do. We all do and we are all wrong... Why, my God?
I'm alone in the middle of the crowd. When I most need a friend, I realize they are far...
God, oh my God, where are you?
And He answered:

Before looking for me outside yourself, find Me in your heart. That's where I live. But I'm hidden for you to find the Light in the darkness, for the pain to teach you the way. I'm yours and you are Mine.
When you discover this, you'll realize that I live in every corner, in every creation that nobody claims and in every gesture of love. In every word of consolation. In every look of comfort.
I am your biggest true. I am here, very quiet, hidden amongst your most inner truths; all you have to do is call me. The more you search for Me in things, the more you get distant from Me.
Don't be afraid. Fear moves Me away from you, it blinds you and deprives you from love. You will call Me when you find out you are your real God. I will be in your thoughts, attitudes and character.
You can see I'm not so far...

I found God when I looked at my faults and I tried to correct them.
Of course it is not easy. But I found God...

Kisses on the soul.
I know I'll see you around.

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