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Lessons for a Healthy Life - Lesson 1

Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius -

Psycho-physical practices for a good health, well-being, everybody seeks, everybody wants to have. But if we don’t change our understanding of the disease as a fruit of an inner posture that leads us to unbalance, and not as a consequence of evil influences we are subject due to external conditions, we will not find the way that drives us to full vitality.

The healing power exists in each one of us. Nature gives us this power because this is the natural potentiality of life, in any shape it assumes on its manifestation.
This understanding takes us to assume the self-responsibility to our own well-being and maintenance of health, habit that our modern culture extirpated from our conscience when we started to give to the doctors, health insurance plans, pharmaceutical industry, etc, the exclusiveness of this power.
I’m not saying you should reject the benefits brought by the development of research and medical science. But it’s necessary to know how to use these resources correctly and not indiscriminately, usually harmful, the way we do presently, while we avoid understanding and assume our part on it.

The objective of this section is to offer the reader some orientation so he can develop by himself, with the family or among friends, some psycho-physical practices that will help him to embrace his part of the responsibility concerning his own health.
Aiming that, the knowledge of some ancient traditions and specially those of eastern origins, has a lot to offer us. And the big difference that separates these healing from out present medical science is the belief/non-belief in the spiritual dimension of man. While our scientists remain limited by a materialistic vision, their researches will be always subject to be misdirected, misinterpreted and misused.

We need to retrieve the conscience that we are spiritual beings. That all the Creation power, development, regeneration and evolution of life is inside each of us. That we are not only a body, but a conscience that expresses itself in this body. The human body is the condensed expression of the spiritual dimension. Matter and spirit are only concepts which separate different instances of life manifestations, as they were separate from each other, when in reality our bodies reveals exactly what we are in different plans of existence. It is the most concrete, touchable, observable form of what we really are, and because of this it is the key to the finding of our inner world.

There’s no disease without an origin in an inner unbalance, even when it is an infection caused by germs or bacteria that came form the contact with the external world. If there was contaminations, this happened because in the psychological or spiritual areas we create some vulnerability due to attitudes or postures which hurt the laws of life or the essence of our Being, what makes our immunity resistance falls.
The self-help psycho-physical practices, besides contributing to recover the natural mobility of the body, for a better performance of the physiological functions, of the circulatory and respiratory systems, give the individual a chance to learn how to know himself inside his life context, making him feel better with himself and people all around him. Consequently, his personal, social and professional performances will be much better.


When you wake up in the morning don’t leave the bed swiftly. Whatever is the activity or obligation you have, it must never precede the contact we must establish with ourselves. It’s important to wake yourself inside, before anything else; to realize yourself awaken, even before opening your eyes.
Recall a dream and recognize the “soul state”, the feelings which were mobilized during the night, because it is in this period that our spirit gets rid of its prisons, searching experience in the astral plans or reminiscences that are sedimented in our unconscious mind.

Breath some times deepening this dive inside yourself and then start little by little to move the body stretching, firstly very gently, progressing to really extending, as the animals do when they leave a passive and relaxed state. Pay attention then to the body sensations, in the physical state of your body, stretching more and more. Don’t save movements, and explore all the sensations that show up, this won’t take more than a few minutes, at the same time it reveals itself a powerful means of basing our day in a more conscious, present and fruitful way! Manifest the purpose of preserving this self-conscience during all the day.
Take advantage of this ‘new awakening’ to thank life, the universe, God presence in all things, the gift of being alive, enjoying and contributing to the awakening of the whole human kind, because, after all, WE ARE ALL ONE!

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