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por Rubia A. Dantés
Publicado dia 23/05/2008 10:35:41 em STUM WORLD


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Translated by Fernanda Silva - [email protected]

As days go by I find myself mesmerized by the perfection of the Universe that reveals we can trust in a Greater Force conducting its flow.
When we understand that everything comes effortless just at the right moment... if we do our part, it will keeps us more serene while waiting... whether for a job... for a dream... for love... or anything else in harmony with the Divine Will...
It always comes... and we can observe through very clear signs, the touch of the great Mystery behind it all... like a signature undoubtedly belonging to the Creator.
Obviously our personal desires and lack of patience sometimes interfere and even get in the way... but we always can return to the natural flow of life and go with it… effortless, to what is our destiny…
When I say “Go with the flow”, it doesn’t mean to cross our arms and stand still... It means allowing the Divinity to guide our actions...

For our Gift to flow... and our path manifests itself... the connection with our divine part is needed more and more… so our actions can be inspired by it. An action guided like this doesn’t have to be rationalized. It goes so smoothly and simply that you hardly notice it… except by feeling extremely happy. It seems like it happens by itself and that everything was so well planned, in its smallest details… that we only can thank and bow…
I know we’re living in difficult times and we’re constantly taken from our centre... but it’s also a time of miracles and help from the Masters of Light... we just have to pay attention where we put our energy... on what our attention is focused.
It’s a time of choice... and we see lots of people choosing to release what doesn’t work or add, searching for self knowledge... as we also see others that, even having the opportunity to do it, choose to stay in the same old patterns...

We can judge others, hence each one of us know about our own history and pain, but it’s good to remember that this time we are living now in this planet is special and definitive, and our choices can be decisive concerning very special matters…
It’s worthy dedicating more time and attention to our growth, knowing that when we change, the Whole changes also...

How many times we try to make things happens at all costs… unsuccessfully?

How many unexpected things come to us when we’re relaxed and distracted, and they are even better that we thought?
When we try to be centered and present... it gets easier to watch the perfect movement of the Universe... without interfering too much... because we know that, even when not visible to the eye, things are happening in a different level to be manifested in our reality at the right time… and enchant our lives.

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