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Re-Program Your Life

por Graziella Marraccini
Re-Program Your Life
Publicado dia 03/08/2005 14:55:20 em STUM WORLD


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Translation by Nancy Juozapavicius - [email protected]
Final revision by Françoise Killick - [email protected]

Along our lives, we often face crossroads and bifurcations, places where we need to make crucial choices for our lives. In these moments, we sometimes turn to the “witches on duty”, those people who, because they have an innate gift and a special vocation to help others, dedicate themselves to he job of being a “vehicle”, of being an astral interpreter, a help for people to make their choice. No matter the means - be it tarot, astrology, numerology, cards, foresee, palm-reading, coffee waste -, each one of these professionals of the occult tries to clarify doubts and show pathways. But, of course, those people, each one in his own specialty, can only serve as advisors, because the choice, at the end, needs to be yours. We know nobody can walk the path for us.

At this time of the year, we can take advantage of the advice of the cabalists who advise us to take advantage of the Pesach – the Jewish Passover, to re-program our lives. The Cabalah teaches us that, when Moses tried to take the Jewish people out of Egypt from slavery, he had to face the Red Sea in his walk. The Red Sea represents the obstacles that we have ahead of us every time we try to achieve a goal, reach an objective. Moses ‘opened’ the Red Sea with the help of God. We can do the same in our choices if the Light is with us: we’ll open our ‘Red Sea’ if we firmly believe we are not alone in our path.
Before anything else, in order to re-program our lives searching for a correct direction, we need to assess our purposes and see if they are really right for us, otherwise the Light can’t flow. An easy way to do it can be the following:

- Make a list of everything that is important for you (boyfriend, work, new car, trips, children, etc).
- In one column, write everything that you love and appreciate concerning this choice;
- In another column, write everything that you don’t like and wishes to eliminate concerning this choice.

Check your list and analyze the things you want to take with you on the path of life, knowing those which will bring you true spiritual progress and help you to reach your goal. Discard those that are useless as vehicles for spiritual growth, although they can be nice and pleasant.

Moreover: when making your choices, feel happy and excited. “Excitement creates appreciation which creates connection”. In other words, if you don’t believe in your choice, you will not stick to it till the end. When we lose excitement, we also lose the willpower that keeps us in the chosen track. Thus, we abandon our purpose in the middle of the way and end up losing ourselves.

I see this around me all the time and I confess it happened to me more than once. An example: we get enthusiastic with a new course, study our first lessons and after that, little by little, as we look for immediate results, we change our route, go from one subject to another and... lose our prime objective. The excitement is over and we abandon our goal! And this is only an example amongst others.

Everything follows this pattern in our lives: we lose the excitement of the new, we lose interest, we lose our path and don’t reach our goal. This reminds me of a wonderful book “Zen in the Art of Archery”, I read many years ago, when I started my spiritual search. It is the story of a western guy who goes to the East and looks for a Zen master to learn archery. He is persuaded he will reach this target in a few lessons (this is a very western behavior), but soon learns, with his wise Zen master, that he needs first to know the bow, the rope, the relation between the effort, the rope and the bow, between the bow and the arrow, between the bow and his arm and the necessary strength to stretch the bow. In a word, he needs to evaluate all the components involved, which, once mastered, will allow him, as a “consequence” of his work, to envisage the target more easily, with no efforts. The objective is not the ‘target’, but the ‘path’. Isn’t that beautiful?

This is the way we must act in life: walk in our path always paying attention to all the necessary elements involved to reach our goal, discarding all the ones which are not necessary. The Light will thus manifest within us, taking us to our final objective.

And, once we reach this objective, we must keep our excitement. We cannot start finding flaw and lose interest in what we have achieved. (This also happens in love, doesn’t it)? But instead on insisting on what we ‘don’t have’, we must try to enjoy what we ‘have’. One of my clients came to ask me if she should or not break up with her boyfriend. I asked her to do the list I mentioned above. After a while, she came back to me with a smile on her face as the list of the positive things, the things she loved in her boyfriend was far longer than the list of the things she didn’t love. So... she decided to bring some excitement to her love life, renewing the relationship, starting a new path without repeating the behavior of the past that was killing their love. Of course, sometimes that list gets heavier to the negative side, and then, there is nothing to do: it is better to cut everything and follow another path...
It is the same with work: if we are unemployed, we desperately look for a job, and we get happy and excited as soon as we get one. Soon, as the excitement of the new thing disappears, we start complaining about co-workers, our boss, paper, computer, schedule, salaries, etc. Little by little, excitement is over and we feel empty, without objectives, We get lost in the ‘way’.

So let’s make this exercise as soon as we lose our excitement: let’s re-program our life, make an evaluation, as we always have a choice to make. And in this case, if we wish some guidance, we should follow our intuition to choose a good professional to help us to find the path in which Light will have a better chance to manifest itself and guide our steps. But don’t forget: you are in control; you make your choices, eliminate everything that doesn’t reveal Light. And say to yourself: “My heart and my mind keep on focusing the goal with my eyes on the path”.

A good week to all.

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