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Seeds – like love – are promises...

Translated by Leandro Guerra Martins - [email protected]
Final revision by Françoise Killick - [email protected]

...that need to be planted to be fulfilled

This is one of my sentences, “planted”, almost unpretentiously in my last article. Maybe nobody noticed it and it would have been forgotten, hadn’t I received a comment from a special friend.
I became puzzled by the power of seeds, generally so tiny, so subtle and, paradoxically, so soaked with possibilities, so delightfully full of potential! A seed is always the promise of a flower, a fruit, a tree, life!

And so are we - seeds planted in the world. So is love – the native seed of all human hearts, even though appearances may insist on the contrary......
And just because they are seeds, they will inevitably grow up if they are planted. They only grow if they are treated. They only last if they find space. They exist if they are accepted by existence. It is the same with love!

Lots of people still believe that they are not lucky in love, that they aren’t successful in a relationship, that they can’t be happy with anyone... So many people keep holding their best seed in their hands without realizing it is alive!!
Open yourself, let it go, plant yourself in your ground. You are a promise in the search of light. Look for the sun, feel deliciously invaded by the uncountable possibilities of living, of transcending, absorbing the love that is already yours and that only needs to be planted – now and everyday.

Because, when you believe - you can bet - all your cells vibrate at this belief, all your atoms move, transcending souls, hearts, bodies and desires... And love flows, like a seed that comes out of the earth in the shape of a flower.

You don’t have to be a botanist to realize how firmly nature is determined to impose itself despite difficulties. As a matter of fact, if we do pay attention, we will see that the bigger the difficulty, the more beautiful, splendid and absolute nature is.

So, don't just aim at a wishy-washy relationship. Get ready for storms, hurricanes and fires! Get ready for all that is profound, intense, difficult, challenging. And when you plant your seed, do not forget to enrich the soil with daring, boldness and above all, with all your cheek in being, living and loving! This is all I look forward for you!!

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