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Talking about emotions, relationships and conscience.

Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius -

You, that say you’ve been betrayed, because of a love that didn’t work and sometimes say you gave your heart to him and it was hurt because of this, get out of here!

First of all, you didn’t ever give your heart!

How can you have given what never has been yours? You never ventured in great flights inside your heart and never have met yourself in the secret gardens of the Real Love. You’ve never loved, girl!

You have only dived in the emotions of the moment and only gave your body and your energies in empty and shallow encounters.

What you felt, truly, was a mixture of delusional fulfillment with bits of feelings spotted with several emotional contrasted ravishments. From relationship to relationship, you just got in and out of complicated deliriums, full of infatuations and dreams about a soul-mate. But life is real and it is not in service of illusions, and, as time goes by, it makes truth face you.

Your heart did never belong to you, it always belonged to the emotions and the deliriums of your ego! You didn’t fall in love with life, neither had a relation to yourself, only wandered around... Yes it’s true! You wandered, strolled around, lost in the night of your sad dreams, trying to fill the inner emptiness with several partners, equally empty and lost in the night of the faded and sad conscience.

If your heart has never given a chance to be known, not even by yourself, neither it was integrated to higher feelings, how could you have given it to someone?

However, cheer up now, my dear! Consider what I said and learn to journey inside you, during the meditation of self-esteem in your heart.

Feel you’re beautiful, not only physically, but full of light and love for yourself. Fall in live with yourself, be fair and happy and stop complaining without purpose.

Go to higher places and float better over true feelings.

Find yourself inside yourself, dear!!

And then, together with your heart full of light and love, share this treasure with someone who deserves this honor.

Sometimes, the universe brings us a touch of conscience at the right moment... You didn’t even expect, but you won a gift today: the truth caressing you face!

And now, make good use of all this and go ahead ...

Don’t weep over the past, take the experience from things and facts. Living is very important! Be grateful, for the gift of life is more important! And be happy by yourself, is the best of all.

Someone nice will show up in your life, further on, I don’t know, God only knows. What I know is that now you need to find yourself.

What is next doesn’t mind. If you are ok with yourself, carrying harmony in your heart, you will solve with conscience any problem.

When the heart is shining and generous, everything is celebration and transformation, everything is understanding, everything is gratitude, everything is light!

Be cool, girl!

Ps: It is better the boys to pay attention and become more charming and interesting, because, if women follow this hints, coming form the “Company of Love”, you will have to improve yourself a lot. Be cool too! “Love is love, the rest is foolish conversation”!

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