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The Conscience

Translation by Daniela Tavares
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"We know what we are, but we do not know what we can be".
(William Shakespeare)

The body is a vehicle for the conscience manifestation in our material level, just as a car is the vehicle for human locomotion on the road. The same way as you are not your car, your conscience is not your body. The same occurs when you want to drink a coffee in the kitchen, you’ll have to leave your car outside, when you want to do something in a different vibration (dimension) from your body’s, you’ll have to leave this heavy carcass sleeping somewhere else. According to some Theosophical studies – based on Hindu studies – proved by people that make astral projection and by spiritual contacts (specially through Chico Xavier's books) our body is divided, in a main part, in three, each one of them with a specific vibration.

But, why this bodies confusion? My conscience, witch is “me”, feels already like this body! The same way when an astronaut goes to space needs to wear about 4 or 5 layers of clothes (for protection) and continues to be “himself”, his conscience (which is not imprisoned in this gross vibration, neither above it, nor in the other, being in a higher frequency which I wouldn’t know where it is) to “land” here on Earth needs many “bridges” between the bodies each one leading to another for there is an interface between the different vibration levels.

So, you are not this flesh and bone body. Either you are not your astral body, neither mental body. You are your conscience, the most immaterial thing you can imagine inside of you. If you are confused, you’d better stop right here, because, things will get more complex from now on: You are not your conscience, for your conscience is just a vehicle for God’s manifestation. From this point on I don’t know what’s yet to come for I can’t even imagine God. But, in my personal opinion, based on the spiritual doctrine and the evolutionary theosophical model I can tell we are going to pass a long period until we leave from being a conscience, so enjoy your climbing to God TRYING TO BE GOD, besides our imperfections (witch is due to our age, evolutionary childs that we are, in comparison with the Creative Mind...).

- Oh, but I am the “powerful Megalosaur”, I don’t need conscience any more! From here I'll go straight to the source!
Ok, so it shall be. But how are you going to get rid from the Conscience? Hara Kiri? Buda showed a method, Jesus another, Confucius another. Each one of them preached the integration with the WHOLE through ACTION (most of it) and through the domination and development of the conscience, because it is not the WHOLE that will embrace the conscience, and yet it is the Conscience that must expand itself (subtilize itself) to reach the WHOLE (A better metaphor would be: The sea won’t fall down to the water drop, but yet the water drop will return to the sea. The drop didn’t grow up to become the WHOLE Sea, we just can’t distinguish it anymore). If you can get this in this insignificant existence, you’ll be above Buda and Jesus, whom can interact with the WHOLE, but still as Consciences (or they couldn’t manifest themselves here on Earth, or in any other planet).

”When you are seated in completely silence, inactive, with your tongue touching the roof of the mouth and in silence, not trembling with thoughts, with the mind passively observing, not expecting for anything in particular, feel like a hollowed bamboo and suddenly an infinite energy begins to spread inside of you; you are filled with the unknown, the mysterious, with the divine. A hollowed bamboo becomes a flute and the divine starts to play it. “Once you are empty there is no barrier for the divine to come in you”. (Rishikash)

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