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The Prophecies of all times

Translation: Bruno Gibson - [email protected]

My friends,

Among the mysteries that involve us are the prophecies. The intriguing is that there are no methods or formulas in obtaining, neither to know if they are correct. The worst of everything is the matter of time: There is no way in précising the time in witch they will occur, fact that leads many to fall into discredit.
I am used to receive this kind of information since when I was a child, and this is horrible, because it generates impotence, discredit and by times also fear caused by the images that come to the mind. Why we do not receive the numbers of the lottery or happy prophecies? Amazing! I am a person of good mood that believes in a better world, so, if I was to receive something according with the vibration, I should see “butterflies”... but I mostly see chaos that saddens me very much.

I never announced anything; neither I will do it, because dates are not precise, generating fear, witch adds absolutely nothing. I think I already told you, that I started to announce to the public only after being find my images correct about the September 11 tragedy in NY, stimulated by my mother, which never believed in anything, except in the dogmas of the Catholic Church, in which environment I had been raised.
So, today, as a mere spectator, I sit with you, in the seats of this amphitheater called life, to analyze together some of these prophecies, some of them millenary.
In this space, we don’t have condition in talking of many aspects and neither very deeply. Because of this, we will mention only the most well-known.

I already wrote about the Hidden Government of the Earth, Echelon, and how the mafias manipulate our faith and the truths. In this context, one of the most feared prophecies, which is the third Fatima’s Revelation, was obstruct of being published by the Pope John Paul II, whose motto is Totus Tuus (Totally Yours), and in whose heraldry glitters a great M, of Maria, from whom he is devote and faithful. It is a clear demonstration that there are people of good that knows and know how to deal with the forces of the evil. The 1st secret was the near death of her two cousins (Hyacinth and Francisco), which witnessed the scene. The 2nd was the occurrence of the 1st Great World War, of the second and of the Aurora Boreal occurred in 1938, preceding the Second World War. The 3rd Fatima’s Secret, is well kept in the safe of the Vatican. Firstly, Lucia, the only survivor of the miracle of Fatima of 1917, delivered it to the Bishop of Leiria, ending in the hands of the Pope John XXIII. In spite of being written in Portuguese, all witch read it, understood perfectly. The release of the information generated the legend that Pope John XXIII, in 1963, after reading the content fainted and decided soon after to send copies to the USA, to the former Soviet Union and to England, in order to prevent the chiefs of these governments of the misfortunes that would come in a 3rd world war.
Officially the Church announced the following: ”We must be prepared to confront heavy difficulties in a not distant future...”
A little after, in 1980, Pope John Paul II, coincidentally, suffered a serious attempt.

The previsions of the most well-known prophet of the Christian era belong to Nostradamus, born in 1503 in France. Medicine Doctor, he also made prophecies for the Kings Henry, Francisco II and Carlos IX. In the presence of the last, he made one of his main prophecies: King Carlos IX took personally a document to Nostradamus, appointing him doctor of the royal family. During a party Nostradamus was asked to examine some stains on the body of a boy and eventually he told him: ”You will be the future King of France”. The boy was Henry of Navarre and became King Henry IV. Around 1540, he starts to write his “Centuries”, groups of prophecies to be deciphered only by few.

Some of the prophecies that were accomplished:
Death of the king Henry II of France; cent. I-35,
1st world war; cent. V-85,
Holocaust; cent. IX-17,
Italy-Germany Alliance; cent.III-63,
Nazism raising and Second World War; cent. I-61,
Atomic bomb; cent.II-91,
Ambush against the Pope John Paul II; cent.II-97,
Tragedy of the World Trade Center; cent. V-65.

Some not yet accomplished prophecies:
Collapse of the financial system; cent.VIII-28
Destruction of New York; cent.VI-97
Third world war; cent.X-72 and finally the great peace, cent.VIII-77.
I ask to the interested to check individually the above centuries, because there is no room in this article to publish them.

Also there are the legendary prophecies of the Magician Merlin, who no one knows exactly where he lived, whether in Scotland or England, whether in the V or VI century. For some: Myrddhinn, Myrddin or Merzim.
For some, he was the son of a princess that generated him virginally in the convent she lived, for others he was the son of a demon, finally, great mystery and little knowledge. Due to the lack of information, his figure was mystified and the first reports about this person, came to the public knowledge just in the XIII century in the poem “Merlin”, written by Robert Borron, which unfortunately arrived not fully complete to our days. Thanks to his prophetic gifts, he would have also become guardian of the legendary King Arthur. In love with the Lady of the Lake, Viviane, he built there a mausoleum to be buried with her, but he was mislead and there he was cloistered. Says the legend he will only be able to get out from there in the doomsday. His prophecies were published in Venice, in 1279, but without great repercussion for being very hermetic and satirical.

Prophecies that already where accomplished:
The discovery of the America, the French Revolution, and Mussolini’s Death.

Prophecies not accomplished:
Inversion of the terrestrial axis, great world war (3rd).
The Black pope coming (some point as a Pope of black origin, which would indicate the end of the Roman Catholic Church).
Corruption and materialism (which actually correspond to the lust in which we live).

Other mysterious alchemist that left us prophecies was the magician Ladino. Called Gerolamo Tovazzi, born in Friuli, North of Italy, around 1686. He used the rhyme, facilitating the understanding. His complete work counts 147 songs and describes events between 1750 and 3000 AD, which he considers “the end of times”.

Prophecies already accomplished:
The time of the machines (automobile and plane, besides the disastrous effects caused by high technology), Atomic bomb, Second World War, The fall of the wall of Berlin and the construction of the wall of Ariel Sharon, current leader of Israel.Not accomplished prophecies:
Change in the Terrestrial Axis (here the magician still insists upon the arrival of extraterrestrial beings he called “foam men”), crisis in the Catholic Church, the antichrist's coming - that will introduce himself as a saint - the end of the Catholic church (he says that the Saint Peter Basilica will become a great mosque).

Other man that made prophecies, was an Argentine called Parravacini. Born in Buenos Aires August 8, 1898, Benjamin Solari Parravacini is among the great prophets of the modern era. He used to make the prophecies drawing rudimentary elements, and at the side of these he wrote a small prophetic extract. In the total, they were 700 drawings/messages. His fame increased when he drew Mussolini and his lover, dead and upside down hanging, nine years before the happening. Moreover, he narrated details of the atomic bomb, of the alliance of Germany and Italy in the Second World War and several other events.
To him the Terrestrial Humanity is an extraterrestrials creation that watches us, maintaining bases of difficult access, as in the South Polar Region. Jesus Christ would have had connection with such beings. These facts were never proved.

Other prophets spoke about extraterrestrials since the beginning of times, including in the Bible. Be that as it may, Parravicini already made several important prophecies. He foresees for the current times the 3rd Great World War which will involve China, event that was already predicted by Ashtar Sheran and several other channels.
In 1939 he foresaw the attacks to the World Trade Center, as well as in 1938 he foresaw the Second Great World War.

We cannot complete without mentioning Edgar Cayce, a very simple person, always willing to help people. Born in 1877 in the United States, he was a photographer and taught religion in a Presbyterian Church. At the age of seven he already demonstrated his sensibility when, after sleeping over an open book he woke up with the book completely memorized. At the age of 21 he was attacked by a progressive paralysis of the muscles of the throat and was discredited by the doctors. A vanguard doctor decided to use hypnosis and was there that he discovered how to cure himself and so taught the doctors, getting complete healing him. He became object of research, because he managed to see what did not work on human body, as well as prophecies and hypnosis which he called prophetic dreams. He never charged his services to people, never did of this a business, neither seized of his fame. Besides his channeling capacities left us prophecies, among which stands out:

1 - “In three places of the Earth were hidden the documents of the truth. When the humanity comes to discovered them, many things will change. The wealth and poverty concepts will be modified... all conflicts of right and left will be overcome as well all conflict between capital and working force”.
2 - In a near future, only will not starve the one that has its land to sow. All life comes from the land and because of this it is necessary to go back to land.
3 - There will be a new economic and social order, where each person by its own activity will have his opportunity, work possibility and production capability. “Misery to those that conserve rigidly their goods only for personal use and misery to those that waste the goods on behalf of the people”.

One of the main prophets of the modern times is Count Hamon, born in Dublin; Ireland in 1866. He had the strange gift of touching his hand on some object of a person and tell all his life. He was responsible for outstanding prophecies:
The Czars' end in Russia in 1910, and the murder in 1918 of all the members of the Romanov imperial family. The last part of this prophecy that says that the Germans will take that palace - perhaps in the 3rd War - still was not formalized.
Prophecy already accomplished are about the constitution of the State of Israel in the Palestinian Land.
The destruction of New York, foreseen by many, but that is meant to be interpreted as the attempt of September 11, even if - by the Hamon's Prophecy, that will happen starting from the Erie's Channel, Canada.
Destruction of London probably during a 3rd World War.
The three world wars: ”There will be three world wars, the first will last 4 years, the second five years the third 5 months. The first will bring hunger, the second the hate and the third the poisons”. Lots of prophets, including Nostradamus, say that the 3rd war will last 27 years, however we can understand that as being the period that will last the fallout effect of the weapons used in the 3rd war.

The Mayans prophecies are the ones that most approach to the ones I am personally receiving since child. It deserves a special chapter; however we will cite the most important points. The Mayas existed between 2nd and 9th of our calendar, in Yucatan’s Peninsula, Mexico, Guatemala and part of Honduras. For unknown reasons, around the year 900, they disappeared without leaving marks. What was left of this fabulous empire was destroyed during the Spanish invasion, but even so the civilizations that came after - the Aztecs and Incas - perpetuated part of their knowledge. According to them we would be living now in the 4th era of the Sun, and before the creation of the modern men there were three previous eras destroyed by cataclysms: the first by water, the second by the wind, the third by the fire and the fourth would be destroyed by hunger after a rain of blood and fire. According to the Mayas, the current era started in 3.113 B.C. and should come to an end around December 22; 2.012, after that would begin a new era for a period of 1.040 years.
The present era initiated in 3.113 B.C. marks the “Venus birth” and should end December 22; 2.012 when will symbolically die, in other words “when it will disappear behind the western horizon, at that very moment in which the constellation of the Pleiades will be born in the east. This date will close a Mayan cycle of 5.125 years. It’s important to remind that Maya is the name of one of the stars of the Pleiades. Is it a coincidence? Experts believe this is the date of the final judgment that will change the face of the Earth.

We could cite several other prophets, like Sutzer, Cassert, Jeane Dixon among others. However our intention with this article is to point out - with little doubt - that we are at the final moments of an era of great suffering and chaos and to overcome it we must go back to self knowledge, to solidarity, searching the intimate reform and the humility, values so little nurtured but that will be decisive in the forthcoming New Era.

Waves of Light!

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