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The Space-Time and the Ono-Zone

Translated by Bruno Gibson - [email protected]

At the beginning of the manifestation of universe, creative hierarchies are summoned and a network of devic energy permeates the field of the formation - several levels in the logoic (Divine) plan. It is a living network that governs the performance of a given universe. Something that conveys, to the whole body of the universe, the pulses of ruling laws. Its internal face reflects the vibrating action of universal life and carries the parameters of the regent’s laws. Yet its external face captures the emanations from the cosmos, or shrinks, creating variation in space and time.

Albert Einstein intuitively connected time and space. From then on, scientists concluded that if an object is attracted to a rotary Black Hole and manages to direct itself by one of its lines of gravitational field, without reaching the center, this object should arise in some other point of the space-time; in other words, should emerge in an energetic vortex with opposite function of the Black Hole, in this same universe or in another, at the same time or in other time.

Many experiences with acceleration and temporal deceleration, were already made. In some cases, when they are performed by the conscience, are considered daydreams, but the mind can travel without barriers and this is the great “miracle” to be revealed to all, going from metaphysics to quantum physics.
Masters as Saint Germain violate this barrier, remaining with the same body for the life period they want. The phenomenon of the Triangle of the Bermudas is another proof of the existence of specific magnetic conditions that support these facts.
The extra and intra-terrestrials ships also hold this knowledge. For that, they use the laws of Ono-Zone, which are integrated in the energy of the cosmos, and that are very different from the energy generated by the friction of the atoms, for example.
By means of the Ono-Zone radiation, you may achieve the opening of conscience and of matter to the multidimensional life, enabling the space-time travel.

Ono-Zone, it is the dynamic wisdom in permanent action, allowing the transportation of beings from the material-temporal world to the immaterial-out of time one.
To know directly this energy and feel it, it is necessary the individual acts according to the vibration of the right hemisphere of the brain: using the intuitive aspect, the nonviolence, the lucidity and clarity of the supra-mental levels. Many times, when we feel us “outside” the space-time, we are being trained for a conscious evolutionary stage.

I have developed, for example, a phenomenon named “dislocation”, that allows me to appear in more than one place at the same time. But I do not have full conscience during these events, except for a subtle vibration and a temporary isolation, making the phenomenon useless, even if may be interesting to many.
There are some concrete cases of transcendence of the matter, as in the desert mirage, but that may represents, in fact, real contact with people and places not usually perceived. It is catching another reality as in the case of a “real dream”, or a conscious out-of-body experience. In these moments the conscience deploys to other dimensions. There are others in which you float in the space-time of your own experiences, something quite useful to the evolution and to perform ‘karmic rescues’.
With the consequent eteric and physical alterations of Earth, with the realignment of the axis, thermal inversions, mega tsunamis, etc... the expansion is happening touching a larger number of individuals. This time, not empirically, but consciously, the human being is penetrating subtler spheres, integrating cosmic cycles in superior rhythms.
From the esoteric point of view, the displacement of the space is result of the individual evolution of the being, having – or not - already tried his transcendency.
The person that eventually reaches the Ono-Zone, does not need to seek other forms of balance, because stays in touch with the Substance of the Absolute, inherent to the soul, even whether not completely conscious.
Ono-Zone is the essential energy of the cosmos; it’s life in activity. It was largely incorrect being considered as a divinity, as it unfolds into several energies cohabiting and interacting all together. It is recognized by the conscious man and you can say very simply, that is the reintegration of all the “pieces” of our soul, lost into other lives, parallels, future or past.
One of the most concrete examples of Ono-Zone is Prana, the vital energy.
This energy is also used for the human deployment of bodies, allowing us to interact and contact higher worlds.

The ambition kills the Ono-Zone's Power, an energy totally planned to the evolution of the worlds, something huge and incommensurable, flowing endlessly.
The different species in life are nurtured by this energy, like the Sun which gives life to the Earth. All the worlds contain it. The Ono-Zone's Laws penetrate through the right hemisphere of the head, which revitalizes the conductive lines of the brain. This “food” still so little known and perceived, will turn us immortal.

This energy is contained in a band of specific irradiation, the ‘Brill’ energy, which will be very well-known after the global purification, because the planetary life as a whole will reach a subtler vibration. In addition it’s a revitalizing cellular force of the beings that specifically inhabit “Aurora”, which are committed to the planetary rescue. Certainly this energy will be more understood in the future.

Therefore, get rid as soon as possible of your heavy chains and allow yourself to enter this universal and unique energetic frequency.

Waves of light!!

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