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To be born again to say thank you

Translated by Luciana Soares
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Claudia is 37 and lives on the countryside of Mato Grosso State.
She is married with José, who is 62. The relationship between them is quite nice; but it is not so good with Jose's relatives, above all with his children and his ex-wife. Everybody thinks she has married him for interest and that he was deceived by her exuberant beauty and youth. Despite all that, she can deal very well with the situation, but she was constantly puzzled because she didn't know why she felt in love with a man who is almost twice her age, going totally against all the concepts stipulated by today's society.
She came to know about my work at distance through the site and e-mailed me to get answers for the question she kept on her mind.
By accessing a past life I find the following register:
In Portugal, 18th century, I can see an image of a man riding a horse on a dusty road alongside a very steep mountain.
Reaching a certain point of the way, he decides to stop for him and his animal to rest, seeing that he has been riding for quite some time.
The man is simple, sparing and quite used to the life in the woods; his senses are always alert and very sharp, perceiving all the smells, hearing all the sounds, noticing any different traces on the ground, because this is how he knows if something, like the trail of an animal or the mark of a footprint or a horseshoe, may be a trap or a danger for him or his animal.
These senses become even sharper when he decides to rest or to spend the night, because this is when animals or criminals tend to attack.
After setting his horse free from the equipment used to ride, he sits down on a rock and starts to roll up his straw cigarette. Then, by looking to the ground, he notices some marks of horseshoes that are not the ones from his horse.
He stands up and follows the track that goes towards the side of the trail, where there is a deep precipice.
Getting the closest he can to that place he hears a groan, but he has to look down to find out where those sounds came from. Then, he ties a rope around his body and attaches it to a tree.
He crawls up to the edge and sees that down there is a horse and also a person; both still, as if they were dead.
But this brave man, owner of a horse that always understands what his owner wants, decides to go down to rescue the person and for that he talks to his horse as if he were really talking to a human being.
He firmly saddles the animal and ties the rope to it saying to the horse that when he - from the bottom of the precipice - pulls the rope, it must walk ahead to bring him up.
When he reaches the bottom he sees a beautiful lady who cannot speak, she only moans. After safely tying her body to his, he pulls the rope, and as arranged with the animal, it faithfully starts to pull them up. Finally reaching the top, very tired, both of them have their clothes completely torn, exposing her skin.
Her body, even with so many injuries and bruises caused by the fall, shows a special and wild beauty that immediately raises his passion; he carefully covers her with a blanket and starts to take care of her wounds, finding out that she has many broken bones.
He knows she needs medical care. With branches of some bushes, which lie alongside the road and with ropes, he improvises a stretcher to take her to the nearest village where he knows there is a doctor who could take care of her appropriately. In spite of riding the horse slowly, she feels pain and groans a Lot. When they finally arrive at a village, he goes after a doctor who, after examining her, tells him that besides having many fractures in her inferior limbs, she has some other serious wounds in her chest, throat and head and that nothing can be done about it.
The doctor immobilizes her broken limbs and tells him that, in relation to the other wounds, they will have to wait for her reaction, to see if she can get over.
He stays night and day by her side, waiting for her recovery and at every minute he sees in her eyes an expression of supplication as if she wanted to say something.
But her reaction doesn't happen and however the doctor and him look forward to a cure, she doesn’t get over and dies. Very sorry, he buries her body in a near wood under a huge tree.
After that, his life is not the same anymore. He has become a frustrated man due to his vain struggle. Now he lives silent, sad and unable to forget that woman and her suppliant look that remained on her face even after her death.
All that was happening because the lady's soul was now always by his side; she was forever thankful for his compassion, thinking that thus she could show him her thankfulness for everything he had done to save her.
Even directed by her Master on the Astral Plan that she had to leave him free for him to go on with his life, she said that she would only have peace after thanking him for everything, even if for that she had to be born again...

Could you find out what is the end of this article?

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