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Traveling in the eyes of Jesus V

Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius -

"Below enlightenment, there is only grievance"!
- Buda

Rabbi, it was in your eyes that I saw more stars sprinkling.
Since you entered my heart, I haven’t been to any other temple.
What worship could I do outside the secret temple where you live?
What other heaven to look for, if I have already found it inside my own heart?

Ah, how I remember Ramakrishna, telling me:
"Child, it is on the beaches of the heart the avatars arrive.
They came like Brahman waves and Kiss the beaches of the Being.
They like the heaven of the heart".

Today, somebody told me he had dreamed of you.
And I said: "it wasn’t a dream.
That beach wasn’t oniric.
It was Him, Himself, kissing its sands".

Long ago, they had shown me you on a cross.
But, even being a child, I never accepted you this way.
It is because I always knew that you laugh inside of us.
And I also know that you love songs and children.

Friend, in your eyes I don’t see any cross or sin.
I just see myriads of shining stars.
They turn around your cosmic conscience.
They dance with you in the samadhi!

Again, I remember Ramakrishna, telling me:
"Child, when He arrives, love is made!
The heart melts in the delight of His light.
It is the love for love, the avatar of the heart".

Funny. I haven’t made any psalm, but you came.
And you didn’t make me kneel down in any subservience.
On the contrary, from you I learned to look ahead...
And to see the Divine in everything, even in those who don’t know this.

You see, they have tried too much to doctrinate me in you name.
But I never accepted what they told me.
Because I couldn’t feel you in them.
And they didn’t have love or starts shining in their eyes.

And I thought: "without love is impossible!
And the Jesus that I feel doesn’t doctrinate anyone.
Because love never imposes whatever it is.
Love understands all, never condemns".

Rabbi, I haven’t seen chapters and verses in your eyes.
But I saw love, and this was enough for me.
The stars twirled around and took me with them...
And I dived in the Samadhi with you.

And in the cosmic conscience you gave me a hug!
And everything became love.
And I danced and laughed with the stars...
Inside your scintillating eyes.

And I remembered again the words of Ramakrishna:
"He came and entered in me, and we became one.
We were avatars of the same love.
Child, when he arrives, there is only Samadhi”!

P.S: Rabbi, one more year is gone, and the fireworks burst outside.
Here, I remain thinking of you.
I didn’t drink a lot of alcohol, but I can see the stars.
And they are inside the sky of my heart, with you.
For all this, dearest friend, thank you very much!
I hope I can do what you suggested me:
"Live, love, work, learn, understand, smile and go ahead”...TRAVELLING IN THE EYES OF JESUS IV
Rabbi, my friend. For some time I’ve been missing you a lot.
It seems that my heart talks to you, without me noticing it consciously.
When I receive the news of the daily tragedies that happen around the world, I always remember your loving eyes, and I bow my head in silence.
I know there are collective karmic processes which I don’t know in the moment, but this doesn’t ease the pressure of feeling the pain of the humanity inside myself.
There are two big kind of hunger prevailing in the planet: the material hunger, which affects millions of human beings, and the spiritual hunger, which affect the great majority of the humanity.
In the void of these two hungers, wars raise, unstoppable violence and those waves of pessimism which sabotate the best qualities of men.
Is it possible that, if people remembered you and your teachings more, not as a religious icon, but as somebody more like an unconditional friend, things would be different?

I close my eyes and remember your eyes crossing the various levels and arriving to the centre of my BEING. So, part of me (my mind) shrinks in shyness, as it feared the arrival of your light and the wave of love which comes with it. But another part of me (my heart), I don’t know how, feels this love and rejoices with it, as if it already knew the way...
Between the questioning of the mind and the happiness of the heart, I feel a light filling my aura and a serene joy traveling through my chakras, that seem small suns irradiating serene and silent light.
And under the influx of this serene and loving wave, finally my mind surrenders to the heart, and I don’t know what else to say.
Maybe it’s time for the silent love to speak... Or the heart, connected to the mind, sing the admiration to the Supreme, the Father-Mother of us all... Or even simply stay still, thanking the spiritual tips which arrive in the wings of inspiration.

Rabbi, my friend, is it possible to pass the serenity of your love and the glow of your eyes to these lines?
Is it possible to improve other consciences, physical and extra-physical, through these writings?
I look outside my apartment and see a fine haze mixed with pollution falling over the building of the cold and grey metropolis. I think there is a psychic haze penetrating the fine mist, an addition of many minds and hearts, polluted by resentment and selfishness, forgetful of what you have taught. I know this is the result of the hunger for love that prevails among men, and also the hunger for spiritual understanding. However, here inside is all clear, and the chakras are suns shining under the Light of Unconditional Love. I don’t know how, but a part of me knows your eyes are penetrating many right now. I know you are helping mainly the small and forgotten by the world, in a way eyes can’t see, but heart knows and mind suspects. It seems silly what I will say, but I can swear my chakras are similar to small bright children in this moment. It seems to me they are pulsating with joy because I thought about your eyes.
I know many invoke your love in a regretful and drama-loaded way, but I can swear that my chakras are dancing and enjoying your eyes. Jesus, my dear rabbi, now I understand when you said “Come to me the children, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven"!
Noticing the dance of the children-chakras, I finally understand, after many lives, what you meant. Yes, Love makes the chakras dance with joy, finishes the sensorial mist of ego, and feeds the spiritual hunger.
My friend, I am not a Christian neither follow I any particular spiritual line, because I prefer to follow the Love I see in your eyes, that makes me travel spiritually in an unconditional and universal way inside Spirituality.

Stuck to those eyes, which transform me in a “CONSCIOUS SUN", dancing in the Light with the children-chakras, I ask you to overflow these writings with that spiritual song of Ananda, so that others in the world can listen the calling of Love echoing in the secret folds of their hearts. I look again outside my apartment, with your eyes interspersed in mine, and I pray your Love can transform the grievance of men in bright dances.
So that they can travel through the skies of heart laughing as a child, happy because they realized that heaven is an inner state of consciousness, and that “In the house of the Father there are many homes", many of them inside of us, in the universe of our thoughts, our feelings and of what we do in this existence. Rabbi, your eyes are pure party!
Thank you for everything, dearest.
P.S: These writings are dedicated to two very special Chicos: Francisco from Assisi and Francisco Cândido Xavier, both children of Jesus.

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