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Twelve Spiritual Hints of the Rishis Wisdom

Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius - [email protected]

1. Terrible days are not those of storm, but those when somebody loses the light in his eyes and is explored, inside, by strange emotions, becoming, by inertia, prisoner of the maya (2).

2. Losing someone, be it by life or death circumstance, is part of the sensorial game of life and the tests and learning of each one. However, losing the peace of spirit and the dignity in oneself is not a question of test, but allowing oneself to be involved by the emotional swamp that entangles the lucidity and the heart, imprisoning the conscience.

3. Nobody loses anything, because everything belongs to the ABSOLUTE! It is only the illusion of having that one loses, never the Being! If it is to think that you lost, them that one loses his illusion of the pain of loss. That one loses the ego, with its lamentation and improper pains. Besides, that one understands the perpetuity of spirit! That one meditates in the universal magnificence and in the splendor of the stars. That one admires the Creator power that has engendered endless suns in the sky. In the never-ending of existence… infinite possibilities… In the potential of the spirit itself, infinite capacities… In the center of the spiritual heart, infinite love…
4. At any time, never a spirit was born or died! It only enters and leaves the bodily envelope. How could the Eternal be born or die? How could the spirit have a beginning or an end?

5. The one who meditates in the grandness of his own spirit, will never be deceived by the ego of the loss. Inside himself, in the house of the heart, he will notice myriads of stars shining in the sidereal tapestry of the internal infinite, so vast as the external.
6. Who will judge himself powerful enough to capture the ABSOLUTE inside the cage of its small beliefs? What infinite temple, created by the men on Earth, will be able to contain the Supreme inside his walls?
7. What language, if not the one of unconditional love, will be sanctified? What people will be the chosen one, if all the beings are divine? Who is white, black, yellow or red, in spirit? What is the race of the Creator of all races?
8. In the ocean of existence, in the Cosmic Conscience of Brahman (3), all the beings navigate. On its evolution waves, life happens, in all levels and dimensions.

9. Knowing all is infinite and eternal, why does the spirit cries the disappearance of a spirit? No, this is not a loss, it’s only the natural movement of coming in and out. It is only the journey of the spirit!
10. The God of men is small, the same as the Idea of men about God. The God glorified in spirit by the wise men, is only felt, never explained. It’s not small or immense, and only He knows what it is! Wise men do not involve in theories about God, they only feel the ABSOLUTE that no name can define.

11. What the SUPREME LOVE lightens in the sky, so will be in the heart of man… Love has no boundaries neither is limited... It’s a pulsing ocean.

12. What blood spilled in sacrifice could dilute the ego of someone’s ignorance? It is only the surrender of the ego that frees!

P.S.: Those writings were channeled by an extra-physical master, connected to the vibrations of the wisdom of the Upanishads.
- Notes from the Sanskrit:
1. Rishis: sages, spiritual masters, mentor of the wisdom contained in the Upanishads (the final part of the Vedas, bringing the spiritual essence of ancient wisdom).
2. Maya: illusion
3. Brahman: The Whole, the Almighty, the Absolute, the Supreme, the Great Architect of the Universe, the Greater Love that Generates Life.

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