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Violet: The Color of Transmutation

Translated by Karen de Azevedo Fernandes
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Let’s talk violet, the last color of the solar specter, which has the higher vibration. Its frequency reaches the most subtle and subtle layers of the human being.
This is a very old color, very costly to be produced because of the difficulties to find the appropriate pigment. So, it became the symbol of the royalty. Violet is associated to the spiritual, the mystery, the humility, the penitence and wisdom.
For the Christian religion this color indicates the suffering of persons who die for the God’s love or for the divine truth. On paintings, Christ sometimes wears violet after the Resurrection and Maria after the Crucifixion. The color violet, many times painted in pictures of Mary Madeleine, became the color of the penitents in general.

Leonardo da Vinci used to say: “The power of meditation can be ten times higher under the effect of the violet light, which fall on a colored glass window of a peaceful church”.
Violet is the color of coronary chakra – or the crown – which is located on the top and center of the head. Do you know where the most sensitive part of a baby head is located? That’s where the coronary chakra is placed. At birth it’s totally open, because we still have a great connection with the spiritual world. Then as long as we begin to grow up it starts to close on the physical body. This chakra controls our thoughts and represents the main connection with the cosmos, being the point receiving the energy and spiritual messages. It has influence on the upper part of the brain and on the nervous system.
Its correspondent gland is the pineal, so called having the size of a pinecone. In the 7th Century Descartes stated this pineal gland was the house of the soul and the only place where body and mind get together, being totally separated in other places, and originated from totally different substances. Nowadays, Lerner (a Brazilian dermatologist) isolated the hormone that this gland produces. It’s called melatonina and has an influence over the biological clock of the body.
The one who prefers violet is, in general, a spiritual person, gifted with initiative and opened to changes. They have self-control, are cautious and are at peace with themselves. But they are too much demanding, and individualists. Using this color helps to let go and be free of excessive materialism. It will free the ego, driving toward a cosmic conscience. That’s why it facilitates the channeling of the energies and spiritual messages.
Violet is the color of transmutation and it’s very helpful to the persons who are resistant to the daily changes. Besides that, it transmutes the negative vibrations into positive and it’s very useful to protect and to transmute the energies of a too tense place. If you want to meditate, to pray or visualize, use a Violet lamp. The violet helps to reduce the irritability, it brings inner peace, increasing self-control and self-esteem.
Speaking of the physical aspect: it controls the excessive hunger, reduces the cardiac beatings, purifies the organism, stimulates the superior part of the brain, relieves strong headache and has a cauterization effect. The color is used for high blood pressure, infections and inflammations. It’s always indicated in presence of excessive jealousy, insomnia, stress, distress and fear. But be careful: don’t use violet beams if you are depressed. Choose instead the green one.


Visualize a garden with some violets and lilacs, whose fragrance has a wonderful transmutation energy. Look yourself at this garden. Walk through it. The more you walk the more you feel relaxed and in peace at yourself. Inspire and exhale the violet color. Feel the changes inside you while you affirm: “The Violet beam purifies me, while it flows to my glands, providing a new life and energy. I’m embraced all the time by the benefic cosmic beams and I want to become receptive to it”.


As we have already told, this color helps to reduce the appetite. So, it’s recommended to be used in the kitchen, if residents are on a diet. To the living room, the color will bring an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, besides that it will increase the vibration standard. In the bedroom violet elevates the conscience but can manifest regressive and spiritual dreams.


Putting on the Violet, in all its shades, will ‘soften’ the worries, increase the power of concentration and suggest some authority. It brings the idea of peace and spiritual elevation. Besides that, it transmutes the vibrations. So use this color in ambiences or with people who can carry negative vibrations.
Try the violet and tell me the results. Good Luck!!!

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