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World Astrolgical Forecast for 2005

Translated by Luciana Soares Lopes -

For centuries, man has used several foretelling methods to try to unveil the mysteries of the future. In the past, kings, emperors and political leaders, used the knowledge of the wizards, astrologers and futurologists to plan better their actions and conquests. It's a pity, however, that in this world so Cartesian, the leaders have abandoned (most of them, and at least officially) these so ancient traditions. Maybe this previous knowledge could avoid so many disasters!

But how can we trust astrologers and wizards in this world so directed to the immediate and, specially in the west, so materialistic? How can we believe that the movements of the stars can indicate the facts and happenings here, on Earth? That's right, but experience shows us that many problems could be avoided if our authorities had access to the information provided by Astrological Prospects. These prospects make part of a human knowledge that can't be disregarded.

To elaborate the world forecasts the Great planetary conjunctions are analyzed, the Sun and Moon eclipses and the great alignments (or 'stellium') of the planets.

THE YEAR 2005 will be more pleasant in the first half of the year than in the second half. Unfortunately the astrological aspects that will be acting from October to December (and going into 2006) are not encouraging.

2005 still starts under the influence of the square between Mars and Uranus that was activated since November 2003. This is the most negative aspect we'll have right in the beginning and that emphasizes the political divisions, train, motorcycle and air accidents, accidents with big machines, the battles, air bombings and the warlike movements on the whole.

Another aspect to be considered and that is no more in favor is the square (a 90° aspect) between Jupiter and Saturn that starts in mid-January and ends only in the end of March 2005. In spite of Jupiter being a beneficial planet, when it clashes with Saturn it not always acts in a beneficial way.

In any case it's important to understand that Jupiter is linked to money subjects: capitals, investments, loans, banks, properties, economical treaties, in other words, everything about the great capitals that go around the world and command the globalized market economy.

Thus, we may have tension in stock exchanges, banks, specially those which hadn't done their "homework" may suffer interventions or even go bankrupt. This is also an aspect that influences inflation in the world as a whole - that might suffer a small increase. The peak of the aspect is in February.

As Jupiter is on the Sun sign of Libra, the subject may be about market reservation, goods exports and imports, free commerce treaties, in short it may cause disappointment in the excess of optimism we'll be facing the first term of the year. It's time to adequate our hopes to the reality (Saturn is in Cancer which is the Home sign) so that we can adequate our budget better to the reality of our pocket, not only to the level of the country, but also to a personal degree, in our own house for the macro will certainly reflect on the micro.

Another aspect, still in January, deserves our analysis and is about the Cycle Pluto/Mars. It gets complete in approximately two years and for this reason may be active forming several aspects sometimes a year. It will be active mainly in mid-January (a conjunction), and in May (a square). This is a cycle of war, destruction and death in a large degree. It's the union of two brutal and destructive forces which indicate an increase in the warlike activities, terrorist attacks, violence and criminality, coups and military actions, deaths for terrorist attacks, fires and natural disasters.

Especially in the tense aspects (conjunction and square) the terrorist attacks increase mainly in the Middle East. The subjects related to market reservation, oil, computers, subway, sewage, tunnels, oil fields will be focused because of extreme acts, attacks, terrorism. There is also the risk of nuclear accidents.

Pluto astrologically rules House VIII of the zodiac map and is now passing through the sign of Sagittarius. The energetic action of Pluto highlights the richness of the underground, oil and the Middle East countries, garbage recycling, nuclear power, diseases as AIDS and others sexually transmitted diseases.

Its action always indicates some kind of destruction and transformation, it causes explosions (especially in subways, tunnels, wells and sewage systems) and group catastrophes on the whole. Pluto is the last known planet of our Solar System, but as it is not visible to the naked eye, it has a bigger collective influence specially on the collective unconsciousness, creating generalized fears and panic which come from unknown forces not controlled by human beings.

For this reason the big catastrophes are associated to this planet. Pluto is passing through the sign of Sagittarius, (20º from the sign) and this sign is astrologically linked to the laws, justice, ethic, moral and religiousness. It has to do with the foreign trade and the relationships among countries. Sagittarius involves political and economical philosophies, the laws for international trade, tourism, the great exploration expeditions and the relationship among the foreign countries. Sagittarius is also the sign of the church and the Religious philosophies on the whole.

The passage of Pluto through the sign of Sagittarius (which began in November 1995) also indicates a possible deep change in the political and economical philosophies, in the laws that rule the international trade, and points out the necessity of a bigger political opening, it increases the tourism among the countries, the exploration expeditions, as well as the cultural exchange among the countries.
The big multinational companies will also suffer deep changes and we'll continue to hear about fiscal frauds and balance manipulations practiced by the big multinational companies, specially the American ones.
We may have scandals again due to corruption in big companies and unions among big international companies.

The cycle Pluto/Jupiter doesn't form important aspects in 2005 (it lasts around 12 years). It'll be acting in a sextil (a 60° aspect) between January and February of 2005. This cycle highlights the cybernetic evolution and the computers, the evolution of the knowledge in the genetics and the transplant fields, as well as the manipulation of the genes and organs.
Focuses the great political movements, the movement of the big capitals in the international markets, privatization of the multinationals, underground sources and resources (manly oil), the manipulation of the laws, the courts and the scandals related to them.

The end of February sets a very difficult period in another field too:
Two tense aspects deserve our attention: Mars opposes to Saturn and at the same time squares with Jupiter. The cycle Mars/Jupiter isn't an easy cycle. It seems to stimulate the people's suprarenal glands - with more adrenaline - they almost always react excessively to any stimulus! The aspect will square between February and Mars 2005; in opposition in June and again between November and December 2005 (and beginning of 2006).
Divisions, violence and all kinds of ruptures, wars and attacks, separatist activities and extreme acts may happen in these periods with marked ups in the indicated months. Everybody reacts exaggeratedly and try to make justice with their own hands. On the other hand, risk market and the subjects linked to politics, to the legislative will also be in evidence. Big trials, legal problems, courts, international laws, will be focused by the media.

The cycle Mars/Saturn will also be active in the same periods: an opposition between February and Mars, a square in July/August and again a square from October to December 2005 (and beginning of 2006).
Saturn is a planet of limitations, restrictions and causes pessimism, inflexibility and hardships in many senses. The cycle Mars/Saturn is the cycle of the big wars, military coups, attacks and attempts, deaths and natural disasters. It has analogy with violence and criminality and it causes seaquakes, earthquakes, eruptions, but also the fall of bridges and buildings and train accidents. The big overlapping of negative and difficult aspects that starts in October 2005 make me deduce that the year will not end well.
We'll certainly have another big conflict of important proportions and that will be the cause of many disruptions, to the world level. But let's come back to the beginning of the year where another aspect needs analysis.

Between January and April 2005 an in favor aspect between Jupiter and Neptune will continue to stimulate the optimism in relation to the international relationships, to the foreign trade and it seems to cause expansion in the international relationships and a certain economical euphoria (that might not be confirmed in the long run).
On the other hand, this aspect stimulates class conflicts and sets the cycle of the development of the socialism and communism, showing up religious fanaticism and the movements run by exaggerated and utopian idealism.

An aspect between Jupiter and Pluto in the beginning of January may call attention to the evolving political movements (as the elections in Iraq, for example), the movements of big capitals and concern with human misery, with the badly shared wealth, especially those from the underground, as the oil. The evolution of studies and researches with alternative energy will be also focused. Another subject will be that one about transplants and genetics, as well as the researches with trunk cells.

In March with the conjunction between Mars and Neptune (in Aquarius) we will have a tense period, with a rise in kidnaps, violence, terrorism, related to the mafia and the world of drugs, smuggling and crimes, specially those that started in shantytowns and ghettos and are commanded by gangs.
There may be troop movements, occupation of shantytowns, war exercises and an increase in the warlike power. This aspect will return in August 2005 as a square and it'll renew the same facts.

In May the conjunction between Mars and Uranus (in Pisces) makes the situation a bit worse: political divisions will happen and serious air and train accidents. We may have problems with electricity, electronics and accidents with big machines.

The square between Mars and Pluto in the end of May indicates a risk of explosions, attempts and extreme acts such as attacks to oil wells especially in the middle east, and there is also the risk of explosions and nuclear accidents.

In June, the opposition between Mars and Jupiter causes ruptures and divisions, war and violence, and specially reactionary and separatist movements. Political controversies may occur and problems and concerns with the capital market (stock exchange) maybe caused by the facts that happened in the end of May. The instability in the Middle East causes concern and insecurity in the relationship among the countries.

July and August will be marked by another period of euphoria and economical expansion since the aspect between Jupiter and Neptune, of which we talked above, repeats itself. But in the end of 2005 it starts a tense aspect between these two planets, which is not in favor of the international relations, the stock exchanges and the risk markets. It'll happen after a propitious period that starts in October /November. In other words, an expansion followed by a depression.

Saturn (passing through Leo) starts a tense aspect with Neptune in September/October and this aspect continues until the end of 2005 and ends in January 2006. This cycle is the cycle of the religious movements and sets the social movements caused by faith and hope. In many cases it stimulates general discontentment, caused by restrictions and the lack of hope for everyone. Misery and social problems will be in a lot of evidence in the media and we may watch mass escapes from prisons and even collective suicides caused by acts of faith.

The quantity of tense aspects that start in October makes me think about a very difficult end of year with a lot of violence and conflicts. The most important aspects are those which Mars forms with Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. Military coups, wars, conflicts, an increase in violence and criminality are possible. There will also be attempts, an increase in the number of fires and natural disasters, train accidents and falls of bridges and overpasses. These aspects may cause earthquakes and big disasters.

Separatist movements continue. Will that be Chechnya or the rebellions in Iraq? Will that be the USA invasion of Cuba - Bush's great wish? People fight for an ideal, pursuing a dream. Will that be the fight for the creation of a Palestinian State? Anyway these instabilities may cause a loss of balance and a tension in the stock exchanges all over the world disrupting the world of the great capitals. As we can see, we'll not end this year well and 2006 will start tense and difficult.

Analysis of the entry of the Sun in the following Sun signs:

December 21 2004 - Entrance in Capricorn
Sun in conjunction to Pluto - Mars squares Uranus
These aspects that set the beginning of the year are difficult, they indicate attempts against leaders and authorities, and it will be set by insurrections and acts of war, bombings and violence in many different senses.

January 19 2005 - entrance in Aquarius
Sun opposes to Saturn - Saturn squares Jupiter
The opposition Sun/Saturn sets a difficult and tough period, characterized by the cold weather (lower temperatures, lower than the normal) when there may occur deaths of authorities and political leaders, elderly and poor people. Coincides with the square Saturn/Jupiter that sets the subjects linked to church, not only the subjects about faith but also those about properties and religious banks; it has a connection with properties and capital markets and it's the cycle connected to the death of presidents (specially in the USA).

February 18 - Entry in Pisces
Sun in conjunction to Uranus and Mercury - Moon opposes Pluto
When the Sun gets together with Uranus it certainly causes a lot of tension and hurry on the whole. The month will be characterized by some important happening that won´t be only our Carnival. The big mass movements and the big public demonstrations will be shown in the media. Air and big train accidents may happen (caused including by terrorist attacks).

March 20 - Entry in Aries
Sun in conjunction to Venus and squares Pluto. The conjunction of the Sun with Venus is very propitious to the parties and folklore and social demonstrations and focuses fashion and the female world subjects in a general way. The square with Pluto is difficult and it always sets some type of important happening that will highlight important people in international politics. Attempts are possible.

April 19 - Entrance in Taurus
The Sun is in conjunction with Venus and it indicates a happier period, more optimistic, more expansive, that highlights parties, social meetings and the subjects linked to fashion. The sign of Taurus has an analogy with money, the possessions and properties and it is in favor of international treats and financial agreements.

May 20 - Entry in Gemini
Sun without important aspects. Mars and Uranus in conjunction. As we already analyzed before, this conjunction is very difficult. Political divisions will occur, conflicts and bombings, air and train accidents and we may have problems with electricity (difficulties with communication), electronics and accidents with big machines, hydroelectric power plants, ocean accidents, since the two planets will meet Pisces.

June 21 - Entry in Cancer
The Sun entries this sign opposing to the powerful Pluto. Jupiter opposes to Mars. The risks of warlike movements increase as well as the attempts against authorities. Divisions and ruptures, separatist movements, acts of war and violence will be in the media. On the other hand, there may be an international effort in favor of peace agreements. Maybe it´s the so desired agreement for the creation of the Palestinian State.

July 22 - Entry in Leo
The Sun forms a conjunction with Saturn and this one squares Mars. It indicates possible death of authorities and prominent people, an increase in collective deaths and of elderly people, in a great number. The weather will be cold in this period. There will be military movements and exercises, warlike exercises and demonstration of power by the governments against rebel groups.

August 22 - Entry in Virgo
The opposition of the Sun with Uranus may indicate a focus in the humanitarian movements in favor of the excluded and unfortunate. The square Mars/Neptune indicates that we will have a tense period with an increase in the number of kidnaps, violence, terrorism, making evident the world of mafia and of the drugs, smuggling and crime, specially proceeding from ghettos and shantytowns and commanded by gangs. There may be troops movements, shantytown occupations, war exercises and an increase in the warlike power.

September 22 - Entrance in Libra
The conjunction Sun/Mercury brings to discussion the subjects linked to communication, media and advertising. Mars opposes to Venus and highlights the female subjects, maybe linked to violence against women. STD (such as AIDS) and drugs will be in the media. The opposition Neptune/Saturn indicates an increase in faith movements, mass escapes, suicides caused by social exclusion and public demonstrations in favor of independence.

October 23 - Entry in Scorpio
Conjunction Sun/Jupiter
Focuses the religious subjects and those linked to risk capitals. In this period we will be under the influence of many difficult aspects already mentioned above. Big attacks and attempts are not excluded. The square Mars/Neptune stimulate people to fight for ideals. Drugs, organized crime will be in the media. The actions will be drastic and dramatic.

November 22 - Entry in Sagittarius
This will be a difficult period, because many astrological aspects superpose each other. We already talked about them before. The Sun forms a square with Uranus and highlights the focus in international subjects that will be created by the opposition Saturn/Neptune (faith movements, mass suicides, escapes, kidnaps, problems in socialist countries and social movements in favor of independence), Saturn/Jupiter (banks, properties, goods, big capitals, cycle of deaths of important leaders, economical treaties), and Saturn/Mars (war, military coups, increase in violence and criminality, attempts and deaths). We may have big attempts against presidents like Bush or other important leaders of the world.

December 21 - Entrance in Capricorn
As said before, we end the year of 2005 under a big social tension. The opposition Neptune/Saturn, still active, and Jupiter/Mars indicates that the conflicts won t stop before the first months of 2006. The Sun will be in conjunction with Pluto. Only these two stars have an analogy with power, with the most important governments of the planet. The moment will be tense and very dramatic.
Thus we end our analysis that tries to highlight the most important factors that will astrologically influence our planet in the next year. The analysis is complex and it can´t be very detailed, because there are many factors involved. Only an analysis of the Map (of birth?) of each country can help to understand better "where the lighting will strike".
Anyway, we may consider ourselves happy, because Brazil will be under the action of the beneficial Jupiter exactly in this period. But will we be safe from the trade and stock exchange fluctuations if another attack occurs? It's better to be warned, because the stars indicate difficulties in the end of 2005.

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