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In the splendor of the stars...

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Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius - [email protected]

When we look at the outer space, with a generous heart and an open mind, naturally our ego bows it head.
And, many times, amazed with the splendor of the infinite, tears com naturally to the eyes.
Looking to the brightness of the starts in the huge outer space tapestry, many times we ask ourselves:
“Who causes all this brightness?”
We look above searching for the Major Cosmic Cause...
But we don’t see any Lord with White beard, up there, condemning the human beings to anything.
On the contrary, we see an intense brightness, millions of starts blinking in the immensity, as if they were alerting us that the basis of life if Light.
When you look at the stars, with a generous heart, human problems become too small, in front of such greatness.
When we look at the outer space, intuitively we become aware of the fact that, in other orbits, other humanities are also looking at the stars.
In many of these planets, resources were developed that allow its inhabitants to sail the stars in their shiny spaceships.
We look above, and we don’t see their spaceships, however, they see us and wait for the awakening of the humanity to better parameters, so it can be a dignifying sidereal interchange.
In other planets, other men and women are looking at the space too. They are our sidereal siblings and cousins.
They ask themselves the same thing: who is the cause of this brightness?
So, inside the heart, inspired looking at the outer space, we can realize, between one feeling and the other, in the inter-dimensional space, among our own thoughts, that there is a sidereal song that is not listened or realized by the senses of the flesh.
A song which echoes in the drapes of the heart, a song of Love and Light...
It travels among the stars, and also inside each one of us.
The song of Creation! The Star song!
A soundless song, which inspires, lightens and makes us think in the Universe Greatness.
When we look at the outer space, with the heart and mind open, tears come naturally to the eyes.
While the song is going down, entering the chakras and arriving in the heart...
Transmitting any secret message which, in a conscious level we don’t realize, but maybe, in an unconscious level some noble Idea is being communicated, or some high feeling which helps us in our evolutionary path.
So we also can, one day, navigate the stars in bright spaceships.
But, for now, even being stuck to the earth, we can at least keep the spiritual integration with these sidereal brothers and cousins of ours, with the stars and with the Great Architect of the Universe.
May each one of us be able to, inside himself, have a healthy integration, and may this integration spread invisibly to other people, in other places...
We, here on Earth, inhabitants of other orbits, the extraterrestrials who visit us secretly and as many other beings as there are in the space immensity, all look at the stars and also ask themselves: “Who is causing this brightness”?


Krishna, my friend,
Just now I saw some disincarnated Hindu women dancing.
They were concentrated in the movements they made, full of mudras and Hindi allegories invoking the Divine.
So, I remembered You and Your happiness.
And I, who don’t dance anything, was possessed by the wish to dance and sing to the world about Your happiness and the bright of Your lotus eyes.
The Maha-mantra aroused happily in my heart:
“Hare Rama, Hare Krishna”!
And the happiness came to my Being, Govinda!
Meanwhile, the Hindu girls continued their dance in a tribute to You.
What fantastic moves, Gopala!
Watching that spiritual wonder, I thought:
“Ah, if I knew how to dance this way for You”!
But this is not my area, You know.
Because of this, I take this happiness to people in Your Name, along with the spiritual gifts brought by the Devas and by the masters and extra-physical supporters, who do a lot of good invisibly to all.
The truth is, my friend, I don’t know how to dance. I know only how to feel You here, in my heart...
I only know how to share Your Love through these writings that are very poor and are not enough to show the good I feel pulsating in my Being.
I only know how to laugh a lot, with my eyes shining and the heart grateful.
Not having something else to say, even without being hinduist, I do as the old masters of Old India and I sing the Maha-mantra honoring You:
“Hare Rama, Hare Krishna”!

PS: I know, it’s impossible to dance.
You can only feel, sing,
And travel spiritually all around...
Good work, Krishna!

(Dedicated to my friends Dirce Bustamante, Vítor Hugo França, Samuel de Souza and Virginia Abrahão).

- Note: These writings were made minutes before a public lecture at IPPB, where I explained to the 250 attending a little about Hindu cosmogony and the mantras evoking Krishna. In the following day, one of the supporters complemented these writings with these words:
“The one who loves, breathes the loved one.
The one who works for an ideal, breathes his reason.
The one who loves Heaven, breathes the Divine Essence.
The one who does the good, breathes the energy with the Spirits of Light.
The one who shares the Light, breathes the Light”!

por Wagner Borges

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