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Translated by Maria Fernanda Picanço - [email protected]

In order to give a meaning to the inequalities in our journey, we should not fight or create obstacles against its flow. This is the only lucid way to position our selves in this scholar bench called Life.

Only this way we will be able to understand and accept the unbalances between human beings. More or less money… Different skins… Social positions… Religions… Control over others’ lives…

It is fundamental, so everything around us starts to make sense, that the basic rule of life is accepted:
We are an Essence in evolution and we will have to pass through each sign of the Zodiac. Therefore, I do reincarnate.

This being said, we begin to understand why some are born and use compound names. José Antonio, Maria Clara, Matheus Anthony. Others are born mentally or physically handicapped. With different skin colors, with more or less financial resources. Living with lots of money, but with no principles, obviously means that in the next life there will be not enough money. And so on.

Everything is part of the learning process that we have to execute in each one of our lives. It is silly to think to be true that we will live one single life, that we will be judged and than we will go to this or that place. This is hypocrisy and a way of manipulating the truth.

In a sequence, we need to realize the immensity of the Universe and take a position in face of what we represent. We are guests on Earth, which is a planet of the Sun, which is a star that is part of the Milky Way, our galaxy that is also part of the complex Universe.

Our galaxy, as I said, is part of the Universe, which shelters millions of other galaxies. In order to have the notion of what each human being represents, our galaxy is the size of a sand grain when compared to the immensity of the Cosmos.

Therefore, what are we in our individualities?
Almost nothing; or an atom of a human being that inhabits the earth. This is more or less the proportion of a human being in compared with the Universe.
It is a little clearer, isn’t it? We are nothing and we can be everything. Yes, if we compare the Universe with a big ocean, we will be a drop of this same sea. But a drop that thinks, acts, evolves and can become LIGHT.

Is it easy? Sure it’s not. Let’s see: if a cosmic distance becomes beyond our comprehension level we say that such object, planet, star, galaxy, is “X” LIGHT Years away from us.

Therefore, how can we pretend, in our little human mind understanding, through the reading of a little text, the complexity of achieving our interior LIGHT? It is “light years” away from our perceptive capacity.

How small we are, using only 6 to 8% of our brains! And, I dare to say that this is one of the bigger problems, if not the biggest one, for us to understand and accept what we are really doing in life. The Other obstacle is the manipulation performed by the religions.

This being said, in this planet of innumerous inequalities, with our tiny capacity to see through our sixth chakra, we only need to look for the balance, becoming each day wiser and less emotionally unbalanced. This is called Evolution. It helps judging others? No, it disturbs a lot. Being disgusted with something allows us see things in a different way? No, extreme dislike is blind and makes us fanatics.

Everyone that believes - or not -, it doesn’t matter, will have a long way to walk here on Earth, before being “airborne”, only as an essence in search for other evolution centers. It is necessary, as I evidenced in the beginning of the text, to accomplish each Zodiacal sign. In each one of them there are obstacles that we must overcome. In one we will learn to balance ourselves, in other to forgive, in other to take decisions, in other not to be possessive. Each one, I repeat, each one of the signs, one life, can be compared to a student step.

The worse this life is, the worse your attitudes in past lives and in previous years were. This is a fact. Make yourself a favor: BELIEVE IN IT. There is no god that forgives us, we overcome and discipline ourselves. The sooner you accept the truth, the better your life will be, because you will start to be more disciplined and less worried with inequalities.

The Universe has 7000 energy levels. Here on earth we have access to only 70 of them. Only one per cent, therefore. How can we climb the 7000 level? Well, overcoming the inequalities with wisdom.

I know we will meet someday.
Kisses on your soul.

Saul Brandalise is now a partner, author of many new-age books edited in Portuguese, focusing how to extract teachings and enthusiasm from each obstacle found in the path of life.

por Saul Brandalise Jr.

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