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Transforming with Feng Shui

Transforming with Feng Shui
Publicado dia 2/12/2005 12:20:47 PM em STUM WORLD


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Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius -

Feng Shui is the Chinese millenary art of the environment organization, so as to achieve harmony and balance. Everything vibrates energy and everything is a part of everything, I mean, we interact with everything that is around us and our home/environment is the reflection of our inner world. When we offer ourselves to set up our house we are also offering to ‘set up’ our thoughts, re-evaluate our attitude and chance our paradigms. Harmony and balance are the keys to reach health and happiness.
Before anything else, stop and watch you environment. How does it show itself? Is it cozy, broad, full of memories, crammed, empty? Anyway, it’s a reflection of your inner self. And now, meditate a little about you and your life. How is it? Are you happy? Do you need to be more organized, more disciplined, more assertive? Are you holding tight things and people from the past that are not of your circle anymore? In what areas of your life do you want to be different? How and why do you want this? And what can you do to reach your goal?
Write all of this down in a special notebook (with a red cover) that will be your personal adviser from now on. Every time you need, reflect upon what you wrote on it. If you are happy with everything, fine, there is nothing to change, because you probably already live in harmony and certainly do intuitive Feng Shui. But if you want to change something in your life, you need to be willing to change. Change the way of doing things, see by different angles, don’t care about what others will think, allow yourself to innovate... It’s a little hard, but it is worth it.
Many times I find people wishing this or that and complaining they don’t get it. And the question I ask is: How much are you doing to reach what you want? Establish goals and priorities and move into action, to make them reality.
For a start, it is always good to do a good spring cleaning in your stuff. Take a look at your closet, drawers, put aside everything that is not useful anymore, what you don’t use anymore and get rid of everything: donating, selling or throwing away. Everything that is still for a long time generates stagnated energy, blocking the flow of good energies and opportunities in our lives. Make a good physical cleansing and watch again the objects in the house. The best is that every thing that was kept in the house has a meaning, for you and the other people who live in the house. The excess of objects that don’t mean anything anymore can represent energy dispersion.
Now that you cleaned and already know what you want, place focus and intention in the moment of distributing the objects to activate the areas that need more balance in your life.

Pick up the blueprint of the house or room where you want to apply Feng Shui and divide it in three similar parts, in width and length. Draw two vertical and two horizontal lines.

The health sector must coincide with the center of the house or room. The wall of the entrance door should be aligned to the lower line. So, the door must be in the knowledge or career or friends sector. This is a Feng Shui technique from the School of the Black Hat.

Career Sector: is related to work and ‘self’ development. Activated through the element Water (fountain, fishbowl), sinuous shapes, the color black or dark blue, objects or paintings which remind the water kingdom and objects related to your professional activity.
Knowledge Sector: it is related to studies and knowledge in general. It is associated to spirituality, once self-knowledge leads to spiritual development. Activate with books, amethyst, pictures related to nature (God’s creation) or a symbol of your personal belief.
Family Sector: is associated to the family and to our forefathers. You can place a heavy wooden piece of furniture, symbolizing stability, and decorate it with objects which have sentimental value, inherited by the family, pictures of the family in happy moments, or natural plants.
Sector of Prosperity: related to prosperity and the growing in a broad sense (friends, money, assets, etc..) Activated through moving water, round shapes, natural plants, golden objects, coins or valuable objects. Use a prosperity symbol of you belief.
Sector of Fame or Success: related to public recognition. Activated through light, red color, pictures which resemble the fire, fireplace, animal pictures, natural plants, pictures or objects which remind your success.
Sector of relationships: related to love, marriage and partnerships. Use objects in pairs, representing Yin and Yang, objects which symbolize love, pictures of the couple in happy moments, vases with fresh flowers. Avoid plants with thorns and sharp objects in this place.
Sector of Creativity: also represents the children and the future. If your work requires creativity, you can place you desk in this sector or put things created by you, by the children, or use the element metal in this place.
Sector of the Benefactors: related to friends, people who help and to trips. Activate with metal objects, pictures and souvenirs of dear friends, mentors, postcards, pictures with scenarios, places you have already visited and that you would like to know.
Center: related to health and all the sectors of the house, integrating their qualities. This is the place where we place our intentions.

When all the sectors are in balance, the harmony and happiness reflect in physical and mental health of the inhabitants.Tips:
- To be more organized: tidy up drawers and cabinets, eliminating everything which is not useful. Cleaning all the time.
- To attract prosperity and abundance: close your eyes and imagine how a prosperous house would be; which objects, colors and smells would that house have? Based on those images, create this sensation of abundance in your environment.
- To attract more love: put objects in pairs, have vases with natural flowers, use the color pink (in walls, cushions, blankets, pictures or objects), create a romantic and sheltering environment in your house.
- Keep the bathrooms clean and tidy, with graters and toilets closed. Every time you can, decorate them with flowers, objects or stones.
- Avoid the excess of objects, furniture, junk... Let free spaces so the energy can flow.
- Broken objects must be fixed or discarded.
- Plants and natural flowers bring life and joy to your environment.
- Artificial plants can be used since they are always clean. Avoid dehydrated ones.
- Change little by little according to necessities and possibilities.
- Try to know your inner self, think always about good things, have good feelings, and good self-esteem. Avoid negative thoughts, destructive criticism and gossip. Good energies vibrate through good thoughts.
- Get rid of resentments and sorrow. Try to forgive.
- Remember everything vibrates Energy. You are the one who attracts everything that happens to you. Feng Shui can do nothing if there’s no real intention of changing, not only the external/environment but also the inner/personal.
- Always follow your intuition.

Teresa Kam Teng is architect, Feng Shui and Radiestesy consultant.
She also applies Reiki, Flower Remedies and Cromotherapy.

por Teresa Kam Teng

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Transformando com o Feng Shui

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Teresa Kam Teng é Arquiteta, Arteterapeuta, pós graduada em Mitologia Criativa, Contos de Fadas e Psicologia Junguiana. Fez diversos cursos na área holística direcionados para o auto-conhecimento com destaque em Reiki, Cromoterapia, Radiestesia, Numerologia Pitagórica, Litoterapia, Mesa Lira e Aconselhamento Metafísico Transenergético. Atua com Terapias Holísticas desde 2000 e com Arteterapia desde 2012. Trabalha na ABEM (Associação Brasileira de Esclerose Múltipla) e no Espaço Yki em São Paulo. Acredita que o equilíbrio interior, a percepção de si e o autoconhecimento são fundamentais para o desenvolvimento e a saúde integral do ser, e por isso todo o seu trabalho é voltado para essas questões.
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