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Smiling with the Whole!

Smiling with the Whole!
Publicado dia 2/27/2005 8:02:25 PM em STUM WORLD


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Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius -

(Or Just Laughing at Yourself, with the WHOLE).
Friend, don’t look only upwards, Because the WHOLE is in everything!

Paradise is not a place,
He is a state of mind.
Find it inside yourself.

If you look down, or up, the WHOLE is there!
If you look to the middle, He is there too.
To the right, or to the left, ahead or back, Everything is He!

In the red of the Earth, in the deep blue Sky, Or in the Heaven of your heart, He is the eternal song.

In the core of the spirits who reincarnates, He comes together.
During the sleep, He projects himself and flies together.
He goes in and out through the top of the head, and lives in the heart.
In the hour of the final exit, He goes up together.
He goes in and out with you, because everything is He!

Inside of you, inside of others, in any being, everything is He!
Because of this, don’t look only up.
Find him in yourself and in others.
He is the cause of the shining stars,
Of the night-watch, the dream, the dreamless sleep, and of the utmost conscience of the Samadhi.

You breath Him, because he is in the prana.
He breathes it inside of you, and life happens.
While you are breathing, think about it.

Don’t forget:
He goes in and out with you.
Because of this, be happy.

PS: Never allow someone to steal you light.
You are eternal in flesh.
Transform your flesh in light.
Feel full of energy.
Laugh more at yourself.
Sing the WHOLE in you.
When you were born, it wasn’t a holiday in the universe.
When you are gone, it won’t be either.
Get used to the naturalness of it.: you are part of life.
Thus, laugh more at yourself.
You aren’t either a saint nor a sinner, you are eternal in flesh.
And the only one who knows who you really are is the WHOLE.
Because it’s only HIM that goes inside and outside of you.
And if He is in you, also laughs with you.
And I dare to say: He plays with you.
Thus, laugh more at yourself.
With the WHOLE inside of you, you smile is also His.
And as He is in all, when you laugh, the universe also laughs.
And the existence laughs together, because ALL IS HE!
Friend, if you want to find the paradise, don’t look only up.
Nor pray endless religious litanies...
Only laugh more at yourself.
Meet yourself in the smile of the WHOLE, that is also yours.
And be happy, for the love of God!

- Wagner Borges
São Paulo, December 23,2004 - 3.36 PM

- Note: "The yogi of former times was a rock of seriousness.
But he Divine Mother ordered him:
‘Go to the Earth, among the men of the West, without turban and without doctrine. Talk about spirituality, music and smiles, in a natural way. Be firm and generous, act normally, as an ordinary reincarnated man.
Some will charge you the former posture of the concentrated yogi.
However, this is another time, and work is what matters, not the face or the turban. Walk with men, laugh with them, and keep on talking to them about the things of the spirit. Some will se this as flaws, others as qualities. Notwithstanding, the important is to accomplish the Dharma that I’m giving you in this life. The world doesn’t need incarnated angels, only determined men. Take off the robe, the doctrine and the cloak, and take with you only determination.
Clarify men about spiritual themes by all means possible.
For this to happen, it is necessary to be equal to everybody, so you can go to every place and people.
And so, it is said that this yogi of the former times gave up being a rock of seriousness, to reincarnate as a flexible and cheerful spiritualist, always full of cool spiritual hints, and who always says:
"I am neither a master nor a disciple, I am only a spirit!"

por Wagner Borges

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Wagner Borges é pesquisador, conferencista e instrutor de cursos de Projeciologia e autor dos livros Viagem Espiritual 1, 2 e 3 entre outros.
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