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Lessons for a Healthy Life - Lesson 2

Lessons for a Healthy Life - Lesson 2
Publicado dia 3/25/2005 1:35:11 PM em STUM WORLD


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Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius -

Psycho-physical practices for a good health:

In the first lesson we verified the need to recall the dreams and recognize the feelings which were contemplated during the night, thus diving little by little in our Big Sea, the Unconscious.
Always cultivating the purpose of keeping yourself present in all you do, try to be 100% conscious of everything that happens inside and outside of you. Pay special attention to those daily and routine activities, interrupting that automated way you used to do them. The best way of reaching this state of presence is breathing with conscience.
Breathing has also become automated, because it is an instinctive mechanism of survival. However, we fail to realize how much it has deviated from its natural, spontaneous and healthy way because of the conditioning we are subjected along the life.
Every new born child breathes with a lot of fluidity and it’s possible to realize the resonance and the reverberation that happens in all his body in the simple act of breathing! This is the biggest revelation of the perfect integration between the body and the spirit that lives inside of it. However... with so many “no” impeding us to develop our own potential and a lot of distance from a natural and healthy life, the child loses this state of union and the breathe starts to become conditioned by the emotional blockages.

It is not at random that the main tool in all meditation practice is to concentrate the attention in the act of breathing! Meditation, contrary to what many people think, doesn’t mean to abstract oneself from the external feelings, but dive in body sensations from the attentive observation of breathing, keeping oneself present here and now! 100% conscious of everything that happens, internally and also externally.
The objective of meditation is the significant reduction of the brain waves, because the true knowledge is obtained in a direct way and not through logical brain processes. The thoughts reflect our viewpoints, but don’t reveal the truth that lies beyond, in the whole conscience of BEING.
We can develop this ability of breathing consciously during the whole time, but to discipline our attention I propose we do a daily practice of at least 10 minutes:

Sit down comfortably, with your spine straight, shoulders, neck and head relaxed. If necessary, use the back of a chair, or sit down in lotus position. Put the attention in your body, in the position it is in, feel the support of the hips and legs giving it sustentation. Feel the extension of your spine, from the bottom to the head. Put then all your attention in your breathing, feeling the air coming inside until the lungs are full. Realize the short instant before the air starts to go out with the expiration and then the sensation of being without air in the lungs, before inspiring again. Do not interfere in this process, just watch. Keep your attention focused in this purpose for some more minutes and if any thought deviates your attention, come back to the initial goal. Just take note, recognizing without judging, of everything you feel – such as sensations which may arise; be it in the emotional level – feelings which can emerge, be it in the physical level – thoughts, on which you can’t stick, but let them pass, as clouds in the sky. The simple careful watch is able to dissolve the superficial layers of our conflicts and difficulties, leading us to the deep knowledge of our true roots.

por Sônia Imenes

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