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Meaning of the main Psalms

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Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius - [email protected]

Psalm 2: opens the vision – intuition, clairvoyance and healing power
Verse 1: from Genesis: re-establishes harmony, recovers rights and dignity
Psalm 6: keeps sadness away; dominates trips
Psalm 6 e 7: to obtain quick help
Psalm 7: Helps finding out the truth, the innocence and uncovers enemies
Psalm 8: Predisposes to sleep well
Psalm 9: Makes revelations through dreams; finds out vocation
Psalm 11: Makes people believe in their potential
Psalm 12 e 16: Helps fighting addictions
Psalm 15: Helps finding lost objects
Psalm 17: Helps getting the victory on a lawsuit
Psalm 21: Helps keeping the order and peace between spouses
Psalm 25: Helps finding lost people
Psalm 29 e 70: Helps re-establishing health
Psalm 29: Helps keeping the respect among parents and children and reestablishes parental and children love
Psalm 30: Protects against defamation; protects against witchcraft and the power of evil spirits
Psalm 32: Helps covering something important (so nobody discovers it)
Psalm 33: Helps learning everything easier and perform the tasks demanded
Psalm 36: Helps making changes harmoniouslyPsalm 37: Strengthens memory
Psalm 39: Helps improving the intelligence – helps passing a public examination
Psalm 53: Provides faith and defeats incredulity
Psalm 70: Frees from displeasure, despair and helps being patient
Psalm 79: Helps standing out professionally and recognition of your talent
Psalm 87: Helps finding out the truth and the occult; helps obeying parents. Provides news in newspapers and magazines
Psalm 89: Helps succeeding in enterprises and businesses, Attracts good luck.
Psalm 90: Protects against robbery (this Psalm can be handwritten and put behind or over the entrance of the house, or in the car). Helps finding out mistakes and lies
Psalm 91: It is the most esoteric of the Psalms. Solves any kind of problem
Psalm 93: Helps not feeling humiliated; helps living at peace with people
Psalm 95: Expels negative energies
Psalm 97: Helps marital reconciliation
Psalm 101: Helps the couple to have kids
Psalm 101, 103, 105, 113: Helps fertility
Psalm 102: Helps having patience. Helps keeping one’s job
Psalm 102 and 103: Helps deciding, favors lawyers.
Psalm 104: Helps knowing the truth in lawsuits.
Psalm 105: Helps keeping one’s health and heals diseases.
Psalm 108: Helps confusing the mean ones and getting rid of the ones who want to oppress us. Provides peace.
Psalm 112: Helps kids obeying parents
Psalm 113: Helps obtaining prosperity, helps good cohabitation between employee and boss
Psalm 114: keeps harmony in the family, solve inheritance issues and finding the ideal mate
Psalm 118: Helps gaining a lawsuit, - makes judges favorable – helps people who wish to enter the politics – helps study trips and finding the desired job or starting one’s own business.
Psalm 119: Helps fighting the enemies of religion
Psalm 120: Protects trips and helps traveling safe - helps not fearing life
Psalm 130: Helps keeping harmony and understanding among people
Psalm 139: Helps confusing the bad ones and cheaters and getting rid of enemies.
Psalm 144: Helps taking the right decision and accelerating a job answer. Reestablishes harmony when you are upset.

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