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Lessons for a Healthy life - Lesson 5

Lessons for a Healthy life - Lesson 5
Publicado dia 5/9/2005 12:29:30 PM em STUM WORLD


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Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius
Final revision by Françoise Killick -

In the previous lesson, we gave close attention to the function of the senses that act as doors of perception. We saw that this dive in the body, with careful observation of our actions and reactions, also favors the development of intuition, because, with these psycho-physical practices, we also activate the right side of the brain which commands our cognitive non-rational functions.

Get used to keeping your senses open by effectively connecting yourself to the objects or people you look at, recognizing the sounds and the smells around you, and tasting carefully what you eat and the environment around you. Keeping yourself alert and present broadens your capacity to perceive reality and interpersonal relationships.

But we have not talked about touch yet, which is one of the most important functions of our own perception, essentially connected to affection. Indeed, touch is not restricted to the sensation perceived by the hands! The whole skin has the same capacity and function. The body contact of a child with the mother is fundamental to the psychological balance of the individual. And when we are adults, the extent to which we allow ourselves to close body contact with people we are emotionally involved with is a strong indicator of how affectively balanced and emotionally healthy we are. Unfortunately our religious culture (mainly the Catholic) carries a huge amount of taboos related to the body and the notion of sin.
So let’s start breaking these taboos. We can start by paying more attention to the sensations of texture, temperature, shape and weight of all the objects we touch. But let’s also extend this perception to the rest of the body, allowing us to feel the pleasure of touching our own body, be it during a bath, while applying a relaxing scent oil, or simply caressing ourselves. And besides the wonderful sensation of comfort we give ourselves, we also broaden our body conscience. The path to self-knowledge and our awakening to the healing power will thus become easier.


Lay down in a wide and comfortable place. You can put a duvet or something similar on the floor. You can also put some cushions. Start stretching in all directions, whilst you embrace the cushions as ludic elements. Pay attention to all the parts of your body which are being "massaged" by this contact with the floor. Broaden the movements in such a way that all the parts of your body can go through the same experience, even the more inaccessible ones such as the internal parts of the tights, the pubis, the groin, the axils, the shoulders, the head and the nape.
Don’t worry about the movements, simply try to awaken sensations in the whole
extension of your body. Don’t restrict your movements to the duvet, or the cushions.
Let them twist around your body as one more element of perception and broadening of the body agility, because this exercise works on the joints of the body, making them more flexible and agile. When you feel that you have already awaken the whole body, relax and lie down with your legs and arms widely stretched. Breathe in and out deeply and slowly and release all the weight of your body on the expiration. Feel the gravity attraction on you and figure yourself being sheltered by the strength of Mother Earth. Before you stand up, turn to your side to sit down and raise your body slowly.

por Sônia Imenes

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