Valuing your life

Valuing your life
Publicado dia 5/11/2005 11:55:25 AM em STUM WORLD


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Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius - [email protected]
Revised by Françoise Killick - [email protected]

For some people, life is not worth living; for others, everything that happens to us is only an illusion.
The main point does not seem to be this kind of perception, but the reason why people feel so upset about the choice they made when accepting this tri-dimensional scheme of experience, which is life on Earth. It is useless to complain we have not asked to be born, because if we are here, it is not by chance. Life is not an accident but an option.
We all are, in one way or another, trying to do our utmost. Giving up never was and never will be a solution for anything. Weeping is not a solution either. But beware that the strength generated through weeping can also be considered as a way of life.
It is important to realize that all these mechanisms are essential in our search for pleasure in life, even if it is in a distorted way, such as suffering.
There are people who only feel they exist through self-martyrdom, blindly believing genuine pleasure and bliss can only occur after death... Will it be? The problem is that, up to now, nobody came back to confirm this belief.
The only certainty we have is the present moment and this is the reason why we must start living well and happy now. Remember you are the central point of your existence and show yourself you are a limitless expanding being. Show yourself you reflect art itself in its purer essence and that you are the synthesis of your own creative system, which is dynamic by excellence.
Our main characteristic is to be art in movement. Thus our constant need for self-expression.
Through this existential focus, our syntheses will always integrate the new to the old, rereading each moment we have lived.
Our existence is an adventure that must be taken seriously, but in a creative, pleasant and extremely light way.

Pay attention to the painful situations you may be imposing to yourself. Watch the quality of your life and always remember you are the protagonist of all you stories. These do not necessarily have to be a drama. You can change your scenario.

por Silvia Malamud

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