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Our power of fulfillment

Our power of fulfillment
Publicado dia 8/6/2005 8:01:02 PM em STUM WORLD


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Translation by Nancy Juozapavicius -
Final revision by Françoise Killick -

The strength of the Citrine, a subtle reinforcement in our power of fulfillment.

Power and control have always ruled the development of our world. Our history – far and recent – has been designed by the power of the stronger. The more power you have, the more you can control. Religions, governments, educational systems, stock markets or the owners of oil stocks are some examples. Everything in this world is still kept through power and our sensation of control – or lack of it – is connected to personal power
We are educated to accomplish our goals and, in our path of life, we build our personality, with our beliefs and through what we plan and fulfill, which makes us feel safe and powerful, a winner, an entrepreneur, an achiever, and stimulates us to progress and search for more success.
But we are hardly ever stimulated to face eventual defeats and losses without feeling down. When this happens, we feel discouraged, and do not trust our capacity to overcome obstacles and reach our objective. We lose energy and sometimes the mental clarity needed to go on. We keep sliding without moving, and our strength and vitality fade away.

This happens when we face problem of any order - family, finance, love, health or any other thing that has gone wrong. Every time something does not work out, we feel frustrated and start losing our objectivity and clarity, and we lose control. We are very fragile when it comes to our personal power: either things are 100% right, or we get frustrated.

This is where we can count on the help of Vibrational Essences, so generously provided by Nature and are largely used all over the world.
Besides Dr. Bach’s famous Floral Essences, they are the more recent Environmental Essences, which are vibrational essences of water, extracted from certain places, where animals, such as whales and dolphins, live in specific situations of harmony and well-being. It is the case of the National Park of Abrolhos, idyllic islands in the south of Bahia, where the whales make their spectacular mating rituals.
But the Mineral Kingdom also gives its contribution, with the energy of its stones, gems and crystals. Not to lose our aim, let us now talk about the Citrine, a variety of crystalline transparent quartz, yellowish, orange or brownish, that helps us find the vital energy we need in order to face obstacles and win, start all over through clear and positive thought, and retrieve the capacity for action and resolution which is inside us. Vigorously, through will power and discipline, we will soon be able to attract prosperity and abundance in our achievements and in the solution of our problems,

As we can see, this new essence is excellent as a whole. It comes from the depth of the earth of the state of Minas Gerais, where all the energy of this crystal was lovingly and preciously collected to help us achieve our purpose and best dreams here and now, in this plan, in this life.
Exactly the way Mr. Dito, a miner in that state, achieved his dream: he bet on his personal power and re-opened an old mine, confident and sure of his own knowledge of the lands where fertile veins of crystal can be found.

Synchronicities? Well, the same day he exploded the rock and found the vein of Citrine, I was there and could admire nature literally opening up, offering itself, giving us its beautiful dark yellow gems that were everywhere. I can hardly describe our smile of satisfaction when we finally entered the mine, some hours after the explosion.
This evidenced that it was the energy that arises from that land and from those gems, which gave Dito his moment of glory and fulfillment in life, because he believed in his capacity to accomplish this goal, in his intuition and in his power. He believed he could collect and capture the energy that was in those crystals and around us. So, I started searching in the mine for a place where I could collect this powerful vibration that the Citrine is able to transmit, to bring the vibrational essence of this crystal to the surface and share its benefits with all my open-minded readers.
The Vibrational essence of the Citrine works on the personal power which lies in each of us, making it rise; it is intelligence acting in our favour, so that we can accomplish the ‘things’ we want, disclosing our mental potential in order to generate, in the material world, the prosperity we look for.

Everything on Earth needs all our attention and vital energy to be accomplished. Motivation is not enough. We need to to have things clear in our minds so we can act at the right time and in the right way. This Vibrational Essence will help our psychic digestion and assimilation. We will learn how to flow with our vital energy, instead of wasting our strength rowing against the flow. This essence can also be used when we feel very weary, with no energy as we have to act. The Citrine will function as a tonic, a restorer not to allow discouragement to master our Soul.
The essence of Citrine does attract the fulfillment of our dreams, and stimulate us to pursue those dreams. It invigorates us to open the paths of prosperity and abundance, because it helps us face life and its problems in a lighter way, with objectivity and positivism.
We can repeat this thought for this essence:


The Vibrational System of the Essences of Water is broadening its repertoire, and brings to all the benefits of some essences of quartz crystals, as this new Essence of Citrine.

por Cassia Marina Moreira

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