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Some words with the Rabi

Some words with the Rabi
Publicado dia 9/1/2005 4:48:53 PM em STUM WORLD


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Translated by Nancy Juozapavicius -
Final revision by Françoise Killick -

Dear (Master) Rabi(*),
I am just preparing one more text to send through the internet.
This one is about you, and many people will read it in a short while, some at home, some at the office, and others, at night or at the weekend, when they have time for that.

I know you know that, but the thing is while I review those lines, I keep thinking about the subtle vibrations that go together with the text and in the hearts that are sensitive to peace and that will tune in. I think you will hug them while they read the text.
You know, only by preparing this text to send, I entered in a different state of mind, and my heart got full of love and gratitude. This is the reason why tears are rolling down my face while I type this here in the notebook.
Sometimes, I keep wondering whether my heart can stand so much love, this love that you can’t explain, only feel. This love that melts the heart.
I see the environment of my apartment very bright, interspersed by higher energies, and even the sound of the music which is playing seems to have subtle vibrations.
The sun is shining outside, Rabi. And here at home the spiritual lights that you sent are shining. Those same lights that will go together with these writings will lighten hearts in this world of God.

PS.: Rabi, I learned that, without love, no one goes...
And it is you in those lines!
God allows the readers to find you!
And their eyes also get like two small suns.
Irradiating the love you bring,
Friend Jesus.


Dear Rabi,
This morning I woke up thinking of You.
First, I thought this was a vague reminiscence of some extra-physical experience that happened during my sleep.
Yet, I have just noticed a huge wine-colored column over the city of São Paulo. It moved turning around itself, as a kind of energetic tornado inside of itself, in the central part.

Because of several previous experiences, I know this spiritual manifestation is coordinated by the (Spiritual beings of the vegetal realm) devas(*) together with several extra-physical teams connected to your energy of pure compassion.
Only by watching that colossus turning around over the city, I entered an alternated state of consciousness and I was interspersed by an atmosphere of serene contentment. I thought about the sick spirits rescued inside the column and interspersed by the light which heals and understands everybody.
Through that energetic sweeping, the column sucked the extra-physical people who were suffering attached to the dense levels concomitant to the physical plan. Moreover, the spiritual patterns of the places and people changed, and nobody noticed all this happening.
I kept looking, amazed, at the manifestation of such a huge work of spiritual assistance. In the lower part of the column, the supporters released the spirits attached to the human environment and conducted them inside the wine-colored energy. Above them, at the middle level of the column, several devas caused the vortex which manifested itself in the center. And in the upper part of the column, I saw your eyes, Rabi..

Then, I understood the reason of having woken up thinking of you. It was because I was already connected to those vibrations of extra-physical assistance since the period projected outside the body, during the normal sleep, I only didn’t have this registered in a conscious way in my brain, when I came back to the dense plan.
And now, Rabi, I don’t know what else to say, and I feel your eyes penetrating mine and I realize, in the interdimensional silence, your waves of compassion embracing all the beings unconditionally.
And I understand, now, more than ever, the touch that of one of my beloved extra-physical supporters gave me long ago:
"When the heart speaks, there is nothing more to say"!
Rabi, dear, thank you very much, for everything.
Om Jesus!

PS.: Love never judges, only loves!
It is strong, because it is unconditional.
It wants nothing, no second intentions, it is not sectarian.
It works in silence in the folds of time and space, but transcends both.
It is eternal and soft.
Love is everything!
And whoever understands silence, understands this!
Whoever feels this love in his heart, even without seeing it, knows, and travels quietly on his waves of regeneration, through all plans and consciences.
Even without listening, he listens to its song.
Even being human, he feels divine.
Love is love!
And only love knows all that is!
The one who understands it, understands.IN THE COLUMN OF LIGHT WITH THE RABI I

On one occasion, Jesus climbed to the top of a mountain to enjoy the beautiful sunset. He liked to see the sun light shining in the horizon. In those moments, he breathed the soft energy of the sunset and caught a glimpse of the devas working in the atmosphere.

Inspired, he closed his eyes and thanked the Lord for all things, the beauty of light dying in an orange-reddish the distant line of the horizon. He thought about the infinite power that generated lights like those in the sidereal immensity. The same power which enlightened the hearts of men.
Quietly, he prayed to the Celestial father for the good of humanity.
From Heaven, a column of light fell over him. Energies coming form the High entered his (The word chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel. Each chakra vibrates or rotates at a different speed. The root or first chakra rotates at the slowest speed, the crown or seventh chakra at the highest speed. The chakra colors are of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The size and brightness of the wheels vary with individual development, physical condition, energy levels, disease, or stress. ) chakra(*) on the top of his head, and went down to the center of his chest chakra. From there, centre of luminous expansion, they flowed for all his body and irradiate outside.

Powerful waves of love-light expanded from him and spread silently to all men. Silently, the sweet Rabi hugged the hurt soul of humanity.
Those energies arrived even to the dense plans of the Astral and illuminated uncountable spirits tormented in their dark graves.
The Rabi hugged the living and the ones who had already gone. He loved them so much!
He remained on the top of the mountain until the night came.

When he went down, some of the disciples were waiting for him at the foot of the mountain. They asked him:
- "Master, what was that light"?
Jesus looked at them with serenity, and told them:

- "Blessed be those who serve the purposes of the Heavenly Father! When you want to pray, think about a column of light sent form the Above. Feel yourselves flooded with gratitude to the father. And hug the world secretly".
And, looking at the full moon that was already showing up in the sky, he added;:

- "When I leave the physical realms, I will take with me a multitude of spirits who are still chained to old magic and I will take them to the House of the Father. When you pray, remember this.
Think about the alive and non-alive men who people this terrestrial orbit on its various plans of manifestation.
Hug the world with love.
In the long line of successive reincarnations, you will live among men spreading spiritual truths. You will not be recognized, because you will be living in other bodies, adequate to the conditions of your tasks in the middle of the world. But I will be with you in the lights of the heart.
The beneficial inspirations will descend upon you by the column of light and will transform you in radiant centers of light.

And the devas and the luminous spirits will follow you invisibly in the journey of elucidation and spiritual help among men. At the right moment, I will take them definitively to the House of the Heavenly Father, where the portion of light from the Lord awaits the arrival of the fair ones. Until then, you will remain between Earth and Heaven, serving higher purposes.
Blessed those who work in the name of the Lord of life"!
And there, at the foot of the mountains, the sweet Rabi hugged the disciples and gave them a secret private blessing to the shared among men along the centuries.

* * *

Today, more than ever, in a time of collective disturbance and intense violence in several areas of human life, it is necessary to lift the thoughts of the Celestial Father and open the heart with humbleness and good sense, so the column of love-light can fall over all of us and make us workers deserving the spiritual realm which guides our existence.

Looking at the immense web woven by (World of illusion) Maya(*) to capture the hearts of men in violence and collective prostration, I thought about the Rabi sitting at the top of the mountain praying with a column of light over him. And I know that in some way, invisible to the world, a silent hug and spiritual hints are shed in the soul of humanity. Some way, the Rabi touches all of us. And a secret column floods the heart with love-light. .
Could all of us, ‘at the foot of our own mountain’, in the secret melting pot of our hearts, be fair and deserve Rabi’s hug!.

While preparing the final copy of those writings, I remembered a luminous prayer taught by the heartfelt German anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner:

"Oh Light!
Which reinvigorates
the hearts of the poor shepherds.
Oh Light!
Which enlightens
The wise faces of the kings.
Oh Divine Light!
Sun of Christ,
Reanimate our hearts.
Our faces,
So fair are the actions
Inspired by our hearts;
And fair the goals
Our heads want to achieve!
Oh Light!

(Rudolf Steiner)

por Wagner Borges

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