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Driving the souls to the Light

Driving the souls to the Light
Publicado dia 9/13/2005 8:26:06 PM em STUM WORLD


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Translation: Nancy Juozapavicius - [email protected]

The complaint of the patient.
The problem I would like to solve, Souls healer, is the following:
In the night from 25 to 26 February, I saw a dark figure by my side. I sleep with a weak light on, and I was looking at my bedroom but I wasn’t, let’s say, ‘awaken’. I felt we both were fighting and I told him (mentally) to come back to the place where he had come from. Some days later, in the early morning, I noticed again a figure with the same characteristics. This time, I asked him who he was and what was his name. But I couldn’t catch what he said...
Its difficult for me to tell you that, because it seems crazy...
What happens is that sometimes I had some disturbing experiences and I realized that happening when I am down, depressed, frightened, and anxious… But I underline it only happens at night, in the period I was supposed to be sleeping...

In 2002, I visualized one of those ‘grayish’ beings attached to me. I told him to leave me alone, but the creature said he wanted Light. I answered he had his own Light, and heard the answer: "I don’t have any because I am form the darkness". I don’t know if it was the same ‘grayish’ little being or not…

I remember when my sister was born I started to stay alone in my new bedroom, because the new born started sleeping with my parents. I cried in the middle of the night, for months. One of those nights I cried more than usual, and, according to my mother, I seemed very scared. The following day, they saw there was blood in one of my ears and in the wall of the bedroom. My mother thought that was due to “witches” and put a kit of religious items under my mattress. And the problem was solved this way, because I stopped crying in the middle of the night.
If I didn’t know myself I could think I have some kind of mental outbreak. Indeed, what happened recently made me look for a solution for this issue, if possible, with your help. If it isn’t possible, I will understand, because it is a very ‘complicate’ story. I would like to know what happens to me and why. I don’t know if the ‘grayish’ one is a projection of mine or something I don’t recognize. I hope that, whatever it is, it can eventually end...

Report from Helena Luisa mental caption

To perform the screening, a conscious astral projection, I am guided to a very dark and scary place that seems like a coal mine. I walk in the middle of different beings that try to scare me as in one of those horror circuses typical in amusement parks. I reached the bottom and I have to walk now with some difficulty, because my legs are stuck in the mud up to the knees. I see a huge lake formed by mud, where all the souls are trapped to the neck asking for help and weeping loudly. I ask to be protected by a golden light with some nuance of ruby and lilac, so I can walk among them avoiding their contact.
I have to look for some soul in connection with Helena. By now I already know that I am in one of the thresholds of the Earth.

I search everywhere and as I cannot find anything, I end up diving in this mud pool where I find a submerged well and inside it I go deeper to see where it ends. I enter a huge place, it seems like a chamber of horrors ovally shaped and it is crowded with souls in a miserable state, in need to be rescued.

I go through this place where I have to fight hard with the mud – energetic, not physical – looking in the eyes of those souls to try to locate someone...
Finally, I am able to find out: it is the soul of a young girl absolutely frightened, and my presence frightens her a bit more. I explain I am a soul doctor and that I am there to raise her from that place, but in order to do so I need to know what so grim has happened to a defenseless child to end up in the bottom of this kind of hell...
I involve her with my light and tell we are going to take a trip to find the root of the problem. We are then projected to a local where a dark castle emerges on the top of a hill. We walk until we get to the heavy wooden gates locked with weighty chains.
We try to pass through this gate, but something is blocking us. But I don’t give up. I come back, ask for forgiveness to the inhabitants of the castle and I call for my spiritual Guide “Mountain” and his fellows, the people who normally help me in these more intricate tasks.
This way, there we are, both of us inside this castle which is very similar to the entrance we just left. I ask my Master to send more light for me and my little companion who is shaking and it’s not because it’s cold…
I ask her why she is so frightened and she answers she is afraid to meet the witch who lives there. I feel now happy, because she is already recovering the memory of the facts that must have happened there. I tell her we are not going to get together with the witch, but are going to watch what the witch has done to her and possibly with other people. It seems we are in front of a being with extra-sensorial powers used to do the evil...
I command to see what happened to my little friend.

We are facing a scene worthy of the Divine Comedy. We see Helena lying down on a big marble tombstone and the witch, wearing a sharp dagger, cutting her neck and drinking all her blood, because she assumed that drinking the blood of children, she would be granted eternal life and youth.
The death provoked this way is not painful, because little by little the child loses conscience, with the impression of deep sleep. This kind of macabre practice made her able to capture the souls of the unfortunate children victims of her rituals.
What I needed to know about what had happened to my little friend was enough; then I went ahead to investigate the end of the witch, and I see she dying very old. Her soul is dragged by an uncontrollable force and is taken to that entry where all the souls were imprisoned by her.

Once I had realized the origin of the problem, I guide Helena to take in the following forgiveness:

I ask forgiveness to this witch of the past who imprisoned one of my souls.

I ask for the rescue of this other soul of Helena involved in this event.
I went back to the threshold and guided all those souls still imprisoned to plead the forgiveness for this witch, I asked the Masters of each one of them to make the rescue in a big cone of golden Light, with nuances of ruby and violet, and I decided my task was complete.Helena Luisa's testimonial
My dear friend Eraldo, it is so good that you exist!
What an history! Isn’t that crazy?! There had to be a reason for all that.
I really hope we can meet to talk about our ‘crazy things”. It would be such a conversation! And a great joy for me!
Concerning the facts narrated, now I understand why I had, many times, during the night, those strange contacts, and, I must add, I even had dream with some kind of black magic ritual. By the way, those subjects always annoyed me a lot.
I asked myself if I was sometimes wandering without remembering very well where, in some dark world, during my sleep, someplace ghosts live. And looking at this, again, my neck suffered......
My beloved grandmother was right!
I thank you, once more, for your help. What an adventure this one of yours! It probably wasn´t easy! Fearless and gifted man!!!

A Kiss and hugs under the Spring sun of Island of Madeira!
I wish you the best!
Helena Luisa - [email protected]

por Eraldo Manfredi

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