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21- Day Spiritual Cleaning

21- Day Spiritual Cleaning
Publicado dia 11/13/2006 5:33:04 PM em STUM WORLD


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Traduzido por Marina Francobandiera

This process cleans all spiritual limitations, known or unknown, spiritual weapons, mental parasites as well as from the emotional body, linked entities, thoughts of all kind (including curses, enchantments, magic and charms) and the vows and agreements that maintain the devices inside you.

This healing starts a cycle of 21 days cleaning that will bring new openings to your life in multiple ways. During its first or second weeks it may occur odd dreams. You may also dream when you are in a deeper process. In any of the cases, do not worry, they are both normal. Just give special attention to the manner your own world perceptions might change. There will be feelings of peace and clarity bringing a new sense of purpose and meaning to your life. Life itself will get better in many areas. Begin by cleaning everything externally attached to suffering. Read with attention preferably when no one can interfere.

“I appeal to Christ to soothe my fears and to withdraw all external-controlling mechanisms that may interfere on this healing. I ask my Superior Self to close my aura and establish a Christic channel for the purposes of my healing, so that only Christic energies can flow through me. No other use can be made by this channel, than those of the Divine energy flows.”

“I appeal now to Archangel Michael, from 13th dimension, to seal and completely protect this sacred experience. I appeal now to the Circle of Security of the 13th dimension to seal, protect and completely increase the shield of Archangel Michael, as well as to remove anything contrary to the Christ nature presently existing in this field.”

“I appeal now to the Ascended Masters and to our Christic assistants to remove and completely dissolve all and each of the implants and their spreader seeds, parasites, spiritual weapons and devices of self-applied limitations, either known or unknown. Once this is fulfilled, I appeal to the whole re-establishment and repair of the original energy field, permeated by the Christ golden energy.”

I AM free! I AM free! I AM free! I AM free! I AM free! I AM free! I AM free!

“I, the being known as (declare your name) in this particular incarnation, by this means I revoke and renounce everyone and all compromises of fidelity, vows, agreements and/or membership contracts that no longer serve my highest good during this life, past lives, simultaneous lives, in all dimensions, time and places. I command now that all entities (united to theses contracts, organizations and memberships to which I renounce) cease, give up and abandon my energy field now and for ever and in retroactive way, withdrawing their artifacts, devices and seeded energy. In order to assure that, I appeal now to the Sacred Spirit Shekinah to witness the dissolution of all contracts, devices and seeded energy that do not honor God, including all alliances and beings that do not honor God as the Supreme Being. Furthermore, I ask the Holy Spirit to “witness” this complete liberation of everything that infringes God’s Will. I declare it farther and in retroactive way. So be it.”

“I reassure now my alliance with God through Christ and dedicate my whole being, my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to Christ’s vibration from this moment on and in retroactive way. Furthermore, I dedicate my life, my work, everything I think, say and do and all things around me to my own mastership and to the ascending path, either from the planet as to mine. Thus being all declared, I authorize Christ and my own Superior Self to undergo with changes in my life in order to accommodate this new dedication, and I ask the Holy Spirit to also witness that. I now declare it to God. Be it written in the book of life. So be it, Amen.”

“To the Universe and God’s Whole Mind and to all being within It, all places I have been, experiences I have shared and all beings in need of this healing, known or unknown to me, anything in between us: I now heal and forgive them. I appeal now to the Holy Spirit Shekinah, Lord Metatron, Lord Maitreya and Saint Germain to help and witness this healing. I forgive you for everything that needs to be forgiven between you and me. I ask for your forgiveness, for everything that needs to be forgiven between you and me and more importantly, I forgive myself for everything that needs to be forgiven between my last incarnations and my Superior Self.”

“We are now all healed and forgiven, healed and forgiven, healed and forgiven. We are now all raised to our Christic Beings. We are complete and surrounded by Christ’s Golden Love. We are complete and surrounded by Christ’s Golden Light. We are free from all vibrations of the 3rd and 4th dimensions of pain, fear and rage. All psychic strings and bows connected to these entities, implanted devices, contracts or seeded energy are now free and healed. I appeal now to Saint Germain to transmute and rectify through the Violet Light, all the energy withdrawn from me and return it in its purified form to me.”

“Once this energy returns to me, I ask to completely dissolve the channels through which this energy was withdrawn from me. I ask Lord Metatron to release me from the chains of duality. I ask that the seal of Christ’s Domain be placed on me. I ask the Holy Spirit to make sure this happens. So be it.
“I now ask Christ to be with me and heal my wounds and scars. I also ask Archangel Michael to stamp me with his seal and protect me from influences that prevent me to follow our Creator’s Will.

“Amen! I Praise God, the Ascended Masters, the Ashtar Sheran Command, Angels and Archangels and all that have taken place on this healing and continual rising of my being. Selah. Saint, Saint, Saint is our Lord of Universe! “Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebaioth.”

Psicografia de GREG MIZE do Arcanjo Miguel

por Vera Marfeza

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