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The Water Bulletin

The Water Bulletin
Publicado dia 1/22/2010 11:11:34 AM em STUM WORLD


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Translated by Sarah Siqueira -

After a long pause, our special bulletin returns.
I took an end-of-the-year trip to check on my 93-year-old mother, relatives, and my birth city in the north of Italy. There was a lot of cold weather, the lowest temperatures in the last 30 years.
Crowded airplanes, airports enforcing security measures that tend to be ridiculous (and absurd), which delay and make any traveling even more uncomfortable.
Soon after my return, this last Sunday, I lost Geni, who was almost a daughter to me, and who had been collaborating with my household chores since 1985; she left smoothly, in her own house, surrounded by the affection of her loved ones.
Anyway, life goes on; and now that I’m reaching 65, I feel even more the urge, the obligation of being useful, of passing on the experiences and perceptions (objective and subjective) that are most strong in my mind and in my life.
I know I am at service (we all are, but many of us are not aware of it) of the spiritual; and I know it is important to follow the orientation of our Guides, the awaken Brothers who patiently support, inspire, protect and love us. I want to thank them deeply for allowing me to be that link and for being able to enjoy, yet in this plane of life, the joy of Unity among everything and everyone.

Many of our readers know we utilize the pendulum for this subtle communication, and it wasn’t different this time. The sequence of questions is answered with movements that point to "yes" or "no" and the result is always so surprisingly clear that sometimes we even feel insecure depending on the subject we’re handling.
However, the flood of information that comes afterwards, which we call synchronicity, creates a state of serenity and interior peace that amazingly eases the task to be accomplished.
In addition, there are always personal aspects that are actually in sync with the bulletin... in this case, my memory loss, an overwhelming weariness state and some hardening on articulations, that is, the beginning of arthritis. It’s hard not to be able to remember the phone numbers of dear people nor any of the most recent occurrences, as well as having difficulties to get up from the sofa or losing strength in my hands.
Aging symptoms? Hard to tell, since my loving mother invariably drinks her glass of wine at lunch and dinner, reads her newspaper without wearing glasses and, when inspired, sings joyfully her preferred songs... and she still remembers, and misses, practically all of her existence episodes, since childhood. My uncle, who also lives in Italy, is 90 years old and has a very privileged memory – he frequently asks me about the quality of football in Brazil, without ever forgetting to ask about Ronaldo and Adriano. But let’s go carefully over the facts.

Since I read, in 2002, Dr. Emoto’s study (and watched his DVD at the end) about the messages water sends us and its importance in our physical, mental and emotional lives, I stopped drinking water form the sink or filtered, and begun ingesting only mineral water, around 2 liters a day, between natural and with gas. I chose two big water bottling companies established in the state of São Paulo. I was absolutely sure, till yesterday, January 12th, that I was receiving the product exactly the way it is extracted from nature, keeping unchanged all of its peculiar, original characteristics.
Nevertheless, the same way it happens with our ordinary water suppliers, both companies change (or spoil) what nature offers us for free, adding fluoride to it and probably chlorites and lithium, a light metal widely used as side medication when treating depressive people.
"I would like to advice against the addition of fluoride. Collateral effects cannot be excluded. In Sweden, the emphasis today is to keep the environment clean from active pharmacological substances, thus potentially toxic". - Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Medicine Nobel Prize (2000)

I found out, researching carefully over the Internet till the wee hours of this morning, a humongous amount of documentation about fluoride used in water for human consumption and most of them gave me goose bumps. Equally as in DDT, plumb in gas, asbestos, and tobacco, the use of fluoride is currently strongly contested by several scientific communities, which have accomplished the task of eliminating it, banned as feeding complement, since this is a corrosive gas highly reactive and toxic, except when used in extremely low dosages. Yes, the countries I consider as among the most evolved towards life quality and ethics, where corruption is practically extinct and women are an expressive part of their main executive roles, are free from this element. I’m referring to Austria, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. The most expressive exporting countries in the world are also free from fluoride: Germany, Japan and China. Today, only 5% of the world population receives fluoride through water, being USA and Brazil (this latter since 1974, during the military regime, exactly when Europe was beginning to ban fluoride for good) the biggest consumers of this product.
"The American Medical Association is in no condition to assure that the fluoride in water will not result in any damage to nobody. AMA has no investigation, not for the long term or short, about the possibility of any side effects". - Dr. Flanagan, Environmental Health Co-Director, American Medical Association.

Note that all potable water in Brazil receives fluoride and inevitably is included in the production life cycle of all our food, no matter if broccoli, lasagna or any types of beverage, including beer and soft drinks! We are practically receiving this toxic compound in bigger or lesser degree, even if we drink nothing... that is, we have no choice, unless we acquire organic products free from any additives, watered from artesian wells. This way, the range of choices we have is the least; and the truth is that in big cities we have none...
"I’m horrified about the possibility of using water as a vehicle to spread drugs. Fluoride is a corrosive venom that will produce grave side effects in the long run. Any attempts of using water this way is deplorable". - Dr. Charles Gordon Heyd, former President of the American Medical Association. My friends, we cannot allow this situation to continue as is, all under the banner of "fighting tooth decay", which is still a very blur excuse, rejected by many serious studies made in Europe. It is time to speak the truth, since it is liberating. It is time to be courageous, since the Soul cannot diminish itself.
Many well-documented researchers say that the main objective of artificially adding fluoride to water is to dull our brains, to keep people submissive, under control, mentally, emotionally and spiritually faded; this toxin (besides the symptoms I’m already feeling) attack our pineal gland, in the center of our brain, and provokes changes on the regular functions of our thyroid. As far as I could consider, using plain good sense and an open mind, we need to investigate a lot and very deeply, question those we need to, act with determination, manifest our power, demand our sacred freedom of choice, and not live with this plain and simple obligation coming down on us. Why are we obligated to take high dosages of a "medicine" that near intoxication, mainly when regarding someone like me, who drinks a lot of water, inclusive because I practice sports regularly?
Why can’t we use less dangerous means to fight dental decay? Why can’t we let water fonts reach our homes with their original, unchanged integrity? I know, from my previous work with equipments, that there are good water bottling suppliers, which are ethic and honest, and do not change their water at all. One of them resides in the region of Águas de Lindóia, Brazil.
"EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) should act immediately to protect the public, not only considering the data on cancer disease, but also on the evidences of broken bones, arthritis, genetic mutation and other side effects". - Dr. William Marcus, EPA senior toxicologist

That’s funny... the swine flu (H1N1) in Europe was practically forgotten by everyone, inclusive by the media, even being considered a huge fraud planned by the “sickness mob”; and although this winter has been very rigorous till now, no specific control is currently applied on airports, nobody on the streets wears masks on their faces... mandatory vaccination turned out to be a huge failure, the reason for several jokes and their countries have now an enormous amount of shots stored, waiting to be sold out; their expiration dates goes up to an year only... France has cancelled 50 million dosages still not delivered and is now trying to sell some other millions of shots to “emerging countries”. Coincidently or not, on the day I was back to Brazil, there was a photo shoot on the first page of the biggest newspaper in São Paulo showing our governor wearing white apron and head cap at Butantã (the biggest drug research center in São Paulo), surrounded by TV cameras, stating that, from March on, everybody would take a shot against swine flu... how can that be?

I thank our Guides for the constant inspiration and protection. During this 10 years of STUM, completed last January 3rd, we’ve only attempted to spread the truth, the experiences we’ve been through, non-invasive techniques to relieve pain in the soul and body. Always connected with the Source, its infinite wisdom and its permanent irradiation of unconditional love. Today our topic was maybe more technical and tiresome, but it was exactly what needed to be said. The best would be to have this bulletin read by many people, and also have it translated into English (and so it has!). The correct information heals and comforts our beings as wholes. This is our obligation today. We’re only doing that what is needed to be done.

May this year be of several, profound transformation.
Blessed be.
We Are One
Sergio, Rodolfo, Sandra, Teresa, Lidiane, Marcos and Anderson.

por Sergio Scabia

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