Astrology and Kabbalah: The way back to Paradise

por Graziella Marraccini

English version by Ana Moretti

In the last week of the year, as we get ready for New Year’s rituals, our thoughts go straight to all those things we promised and couldn’t carry out, right? We often carry the feeling of not having coped with everything and this is somewhat frustrating, which is natural. However, we should not blame ourselves for not being able to accomplish the promises made, but carry on, freshening our targets with the certainty of going ahead and achieving our goals. For our promises to be delivered we need to go ahead, study, keep informed - in other words - roll up our sleeves!

How about if we took self-knowledge lessons?

A new year starts, 2011, 4th year in the Kabbalah (if we add the numbers), the number 4 Sefirah relates to Chesed - Jupiter, in the Tree Of Life. Four is a great number, way better than last year’s 3! Think about it - what is more stable: a three-legged stool or a four-legged chair? The last one certainly offers more stability, doesn’t it? This is how number 4 is understood from Kabbalah’s point of view. Chesed brings a wide ranging energy which provides us with many opportunities. Its name means Mercy, Generosity, Sympathy. This sefira (or sphere) is located on the right side of the Tree, the Beauty Pillar and introduces the second triangle, also known as Ethical Triangle. For the Astrology, Jupiter is the planet of the philosophical knowledge and it prompts to the cognizance of other cultures, countries, worlds. Jupiter rules not only the Law and Justice of manhood, but also those from God. Developing this potentiality we develop our moral and ethical behavior, learn how to act with sympathy and generosity and, above all, learn the meaning of reciprocity. Chesed also represents the Majesty, Magnificence and Love.

The Archangel Tzadkiel, the Righteousness in God, rules this Sefira and his wisdom helps us become better persons and face life with more optimism and trust in God. The Angelic Choir under his command are the CHASMALIM - the Brilliant Ones. What a beautiful name for those who are to guide us in 2011!

At number 4 we search stability and learn that, in order to develop the potentiality of what we will to create, we also need to use our ability of loving, forgiving, being generous, sharing. Love is no use when it’s selfish: it becomes sterile. It won’t fructify. In this Sefira, which introduces the Ethical Triangle, we mainly develop sympathy, the ability to give.
This way we can reach material and spiritual stability. The spread Word doesn’t stop broadening and tries to benefit all with its wisdom. When we find ourselves under the influence of this energy we become generous, selfless and develop a feeling of protection to other human beings, a feeling which prompts us to charity and helping of others. As focusing this energy, let us think about sharing what we own. This must be out greatest goal in order to spiritually make the most of 2011’s energies. Whilst Jupiter is the regent of Sagittarius, it also rules the sign Pisces, along with Neptune - both signs are known for being joyful and generous!

To deepen the study of the Kabbalah and its astrological compatibility, I am carrying out basic courses here in São Paulo - Brazil. It is a 10-lessons course, happening every Monday at 8pm, in which will be brought out the understanding of the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, the structure of Adam Kadmon - the Primordial Man. By studying the sefiroth and the astrological matches we’ll be able to build an archetype for our very own Tree Of Life, in which we will understand the evolution of our personal planets in order to find the energetic “knots” (karmas) that prevent us from evolving spiritually. These “knots” are broken up through meditations towards the images of the Major Arcana of Tarot.

I do not wish to conclude the subject “Astrology and Kabbalah” within 12 lessons, but I will certainly transfer to all a solid basis, so each participant will be able to proceed along the way of the self-knowledge and, this way, go ahead on the road of self-fulfillment. This self-knowledge brings us in contact with our personal path, renders an indescribable peace of mind and permeates us with such happiness that spreads over the world around us. I believe it to be the true Way Back To Paradise!

A friendly hug and a 2011 full of material and spiritual achievements!

São Paulo, December 27-2011

Graziella Marraccini is astrologer, tarotist, kabbalist, student of the occult world
and manages the Sirius Astrology.
She holds scheduled appointments at her office in São Paulo, during business hours.

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Graziella Marraccini é astr�loga, tar�loga, cabalista e estudiosa de ci�ncias ocultas e dirige a Sirius Astrology. Conhe�a meus servi�os on-line
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