Practicing the Yes

por Elisabeth Cavalcante

English version by Heryck - [email protected]

Two words can make a big difference in our lives, yes and no.
Even though many times we complain about the difficulties of getting satisfaction from our desires, if we keep full attention on the way we react to issues, we may be surprised.

That's because attitudes of refusal, of denial, are generally the most common position that we assume. We say no to our power, to the changes that the existence puts in our way, to the attitudes of the ones around us, when those don't match our expectations.

Little by little and unintentionally, we accumulate an avalanche of denials inside ourselves that in time, turn into bitterness, revolt and frustration.

The most necessary no is the one used to defend our dignity, our inherent value as human beings. And even in the moments we need to say it, we should do it peacefully, with security and love.

The yes, when expressed with genuine enthusiasm and acceptance, with the totality of our beings, opens powerful energetic doors and, like magic, transforms what initially seemed negative, into something positive, since it brings new possibilities for our growth and makes life much more rich and full of potential. Let us exercise then, the yes, certain that it constitutes the password for our permanent connection with the divine.

Yes to life
Say yes to life; abandon the no always when possible. Even if you have to say no and it is hard to avoid it, say it, but don't delight on it. And if possible, say it also in the form of yes. Don't waste any opportunity to say yes to life.

When you say yes, celebrate it with joy. Nurture it, don't hesitate. Say it with love, with enthusiasm, feel it, put yourself into it completely. When you say yes, become the yes!

You will be surprised to know that 99, out of 100 "NOs", can be easily abandoned. We say them just as part of our egos; they weren't necessary, weren't inevitable.

...Observe yourself and others e and you will be surprised: people are saying no for no reason at all. They feel good in saying it: it gives them a kind of power. When you can say no to someone, you feel powerful.
When you abandon the no, the ego disappears.

Osho, Believing in the Impossible Before Breakfast.

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