Radiant Assistance 2

por Wagner Borges

English version by Daniel Martins Sanvito - [email protected]

My brothers, take these studies and spiritual practices seriously.
You don't realize, but while you are doing these exercises, your auras are purified from ancient stains.
The extra physical friends take these moments of energetic convergence to perform several mechanisms of spiritual assistance, not only for the participants of the group but also for other distant people, either physical or extra physical.
Many things happen in the subtle planes, when it comes to a spiritual meeting; from the pure and simple spiritual desobsession up to the unblocking of the energy centers (chakras); from the energetic cleaning of the participants up to the implantation of extremely subtle intuition waves at your crown, heart and third eye centers.
The benefactors´ action is fully effective but it occurs in a level that common incarnated people do not perceive. Their work is done in quintessential spiritual frequencies beyond human anxieties. Despite being anonymous, they are always present! They are invisible to the human eyes, but they work hard and don't seek any merit in their activities. They are bound to you through the harmony of right goals.
Therefore, execute the suggested spiritual practices diligently and seriously. They are open doors for a greater contact with your benefactors. Keep a supernal state of conscience with humble and respect for the Major Laws that govern the existence of everyone.

My friends, we can do a good job individually but when we are together with other beings, in a supernal state of conscience, we turn into powerful spiritual waves for the well-being of everyone. Embodied and disembodied in harmonic objectives performing the wonderful spiritual assistance in the world of men and in the extra physical denser sub planes.

There are people that come and go from your lives. However, the benefactors will keep with you! During the life on Earth, when death comes and in the extra physical period - in between lives -, they will always be with you!
Nobody is alone!
As Jesus used to say: "In my father's house are many mansions".
And in these extra physical mansions the benefactors from several frequencies live. They work and hope we follow the precepts of Love and reason throughout life.

Isolated, we are a simple lighthouse among the mists of our doubts and frustrations. Together, in the harmony of Good we are a Love Sun. We are Light on the Way!*
(Those writings were directed, at first, for the students from the "Light on the Way" course done in Salvador. However, its content may be useful for other readers.)
The benefactors who passed me those writings don't want to be identified. They'd rather being anonymous, because according to them their individualities are meaningless. For them, the important thing is to propagate beneficial ideas to people.
(Received by Wagner Borges; Salvador, February 2nd, 1999)

*While I was receiving those writings, the benefactors showed me through the clairvoyance, the work of a group of extra physical doctors somewhere in Africa.
Among them, there was my dear friend Dr. Luiz Raphael, who I haven't seen for a while. They were passing energy to release the spirits of several people who had disembodied there that day.
I saw many corpses of black people spread over the ground (most of them from children), covered with flies. It's hard to believe that we are getting to the 21st century, with so much technology in the world and there are many human beings disembodying due to misery.
Looking at the dedication and the organized action of those spirits, appreciation tears rolled down my face and I couldn't avoid the lonely weep in the silence of the dawn. I have already seen and took place in works like those (in and out of my body) hundreds of times but in some occasions feeling waves are so intense that we can't remain untouched even with years of practical experience on that.
Paradoxically, while I was away observing the scenes and writing I remembered several people who are involved in spiritual studies. I thought about the theoretical researchers from the out of body experiences, and from the parapsychological phenomena in general (real conscience bureaucrats). Where would their technical virtuosity and opulent nomenclature fit on the feeling waves from the benefactors?
I remembered the people who show up in spiritual courses and lectures full of selfishness in their mystical aspirations. Where would the levity from most of those people fit in the work of those benefactors?... Would there be any spiritual resonance among them?
I also remembered the people from our study group and from the several energy irradiation groups from São Paulo. Where would the selfishness and cheap personalism from some of them fit in the action of the benefactors? What harmony would there be among their emotional mediocrities, their complaints about tiny things, vain mystical goals and the supreme spiritual commitment of the benefactors?
If all those people could see the benefactors working with such dedication and Love, would their eyes shine more? Would their spiritual goals be worthier, and their group presences more responsible?

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Wagner Borges é pesquisador, conferencista e instrutor de cursos de Projeciologia e autor dos livros Viagem Espiritual 1, 2 e 3 entre outros.
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