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10 Steps to become your own Master – Part 1

Translated by Françoise Killick – [email protected]
1st step: Exercising the mind

Dear Reader, my suggestion, today, is to accompany you in the world of mental images to enable you to blend into what is such a useful tool. Keep sending me your doubts as, after 10 weeks of meetings, I will continue to answer questions for 10 more weeks, creating exercises for those who need them and, in a word, establishing a constant dialogue with you. I hope you agree.
So, let’s start with the first step, which is:

Mental Images: a way to enlighten your life

But, first of all, what are mental images?

Mental images are literally photos that the mind creates to express, register, archive and repeat the quality of our emotions.
Within phenomenology, they are considered as being the way to the heart – the link between the invisible and the visible worlds, an original way of re-establishing our link with the Source – that knows all and sees everything.
The image is, for the mind, the natural language which we are in contact with every time we dream. The work I develop in my cabinet is another way of apprehending these images. Through my wit, I enter this holographic world to know what are the images that prevent that particular human being from finding his mission in this life and walking through the path that leads to happiness. I then create exercises for this person to practice alone until the belief that produced the image is corrected. Because creating images gives shape to a belief.

When we enter this holographic world, we understand what our imaginary mind thinks, creates, and registers. Yes, because our mind starts being fed by our thoughts (our beliefs) which then become images that become themselves experiences.
The use of images as techniques of healing goes back some 5000 years ago and this knowledge has always been used to create unity between the body and the mind in the western world. The Egyptians used this method in order to contact the invisible world, heal and counsel. If you read the Bible, you will find that it is a perfect film full of images, metaphors and symbols. Exactly the way our mind works.
As an example of how these images are created, I will give you the example of one of my patients who asked me, after I finished the visualization of the images in her mind: “Izabel, why is it that our mind registers the images of unhappiness, pain, depression, failure and disheartenment better than positive images of triumph, joy and hope?”.

I reminded her of an oriental saying: “Mind engraves happiness in sand and unhappiness in stone”.
And I told her: “For me, the mind, through its billion sensitive cells in our body, transforms our emotional impacts into feelings that are registered in our holographic field as images that become our day-to-day experiences”.
And, as you know, negative images cause a stronger impact than positive ones because they are generally followed by sounds, gestures, tensions and a theatrical and emotional apparatus that reach the mind very rapidly.

But what we have to know is that we can influence this state of things by using many techniques, of which I will develop the following: exercises with mental images, through which we can enter our mind every day and give it a new image to substitute the existing one, create the solution to the conflict and receive light.
To do the contrary of what we are used to doing is called “reversion process”, and we can help the mind receive our positive impacts as strongly and intensively as the negative ones, substituting a negative belief by a positive one and thus changing the course of our lives.
As a homework, I will give you an exercise for you to practice during this week: clean your body and bring light to your life. Practice this exercise every morning when you wake up: sit down with your feet firm on the floor and the palms of your hands on your legs; close your eyes, breathe smoothly, three times, and think of the title of this exercise which will only take a few seconds:

The Cleanser exercise.

See, feel, perceive or imagine your body as an immense magnet that attracts a lot of leftovers, which represent all your toxic thoughts feeding your negative beliefs. Breathe once and imagine a giant vacuum-cleaner that would suck all this rubbish and disintegrate all this toxicity in space. See or imagine this same magnet attract everything you most desire, forming a new bright and positive belief in your mind. Breathe deeply and open your eyes.

How do you feel? If you feel it is positive, repeat this exercise for 7 days. You can even record the instruction and play it when you wake up.
Exercises with images are not relaxation nor meditation: they are an efficient way of working, reversing, cleansing and illuminating.
See you next week.
With love.

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