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Breaking Up with the Past

Translated by: Nancy Juozapavicius
[email protected]

Most of the problems and difficulties we carry along life are the result of past events. However, they keep on torturing us e being part of our lives, becoming a heavy load we can’t get rid of.
Why does this happen?

Events from the past which caused us traumas and suffering remains in our unconscious mind and while we don’t act to liberate those emotions, which stay linked to them, without any chance of building a new life.

The problem is that many times we disguise our true emotions because of fear, guilt or any other reason imposed on us by the external world. And, by denying them, impeding their manifestation, we begin to live a fake life, where our true self is prevented from existing and expressing.

To get free from past emotions is not an easy task, but it is necessary to allow the negative emotions such as pain, anger, and sorrow to flow from us intensively, until they wear out and disappear for good.
“Anger itself is note evil- to carry it, accumulate it, this is dangerous. Bursts of anger are good, indeed they are necessary: they give mode to life. They are the season of life. On the contrary, you will feel more flacid, without a tone.

This is a good exercise in itself, and if it is possible to enter this condition and leave it completely, without scratches. And a person who can get completely angry can get completely happy, can be totally lovely, because this is not a matter of being angry, happy or lovely.
The only thing you learn with all the experiences is to be whole.
Never carry things from the past – the past is gone. Run away from it every moment, fulfilled or not. Today nothing can be done about it, let it go, and don’t carry parts of it, because these parts are not going to allow you to solve the new problems that you are living now. Live the present moment thoroughly, and suddenly you will realize that, if you live it thoroughly, it will be solved by itself. There is no need to solve it. Life is not a problem to be solved; is a mystery to be lived.
... “Don’t keep piling up not-lived moments; on the contrary you will become hard. You’ll only remain flexible if you don’t carry the past along with you”. Osho.

Elisabete Cavalcante is a Journalist, and has been in the Health area for eighteen years. She´s an Astrologer, Tarot and I-Ching Reader, Flower Therapist and has her office in São Paulo.

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